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Nebraska Year in Review: Did Our Beloved Huskers Get Better All Over?

Stephen Bruce

This is our year in review. We discussed nearly all of Nebraska’s athletic teams and when it was done, I came to the conclusion that none of this sucks.

What does that mean?

Well, one of our commenters asked what we thought of Trev Alberts’ performance so far, and I had to conclude - after a rather long ranty bit - that Alberts has done an amazing job.

You look at our programs across the board and you have to come to the conclusion that none of them are in positions of peril.

Going into 2024:

  • The baseball program is looking up.
  • Softball has Jordy Bahl coming in and that should be amazing.
  • Track and field has done some amazing things with more in the future.
  • MBB is currently 10-2 and maybe could make a postseason.
  • Volleyball just had one of the most amazing seasons ever and more is ahead.
  • Bowling, rifle are always good
  • Women’s soccer had an amazing season.

And then there’s football. The program is headed in the right direction. The future looks bright. Haters and doomsayers may not think so, but they’ll always think that way.

Overall, 2023 was a decent, but not great year. and 2024 looks better. That’s my assessment.

What do you think?