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Friday Flakes: The Christmas List I Sent to Santa for Nebraska Athletics

A passion for Santa Claus Photo by Matthias Bein/picture alliance via Getty Images

In case you missed out on the most recent episode of the Five Heart Podcast, they asked us Corn Nation writers for our Christmas list we went to Santa for Nebraska Athletics.

My first video was seven minutes long. The second one was four minutes long. Then I was informed that they were really looking for a 30 second clip.

So I guess I’ll throw my list out here for Friday Flakes.

  1. A veteran transfer quarterback to play for one year in 2024. A bridge year before one of our two Elite 11 quarterbacks takes over in 2025.
  2. Creighton basketball disbands the program for a season or two. I just want to see the Jayskers come crawling back. Then after they lay in their sorrow the Creighton basketball program can start back up.
  3. Beat Colorado next season. It is my belief that this Deion Sanders experiment at Colorado is going to end horribly. He only signed five high schoolers. Is he trying to build something or just try and go one more season before he jets? Plus, Colorado fans (generally) are terrible.
  4. Husker ticket holders receive an Atmosphere Rating. I know this is Orwellian but if you are a season ticket holder then you need to contribute to the atmosphere of the game. If your Atmosphere Rating drops into the negative (not contributing to the atmosphere) then your tickets will not be renewed.
  5. Jon get a haircut.
  6. Ban the seat-back chairs that they rent at Memorial Stadium. Those alone make me want to stay home and watch the game on TV. The people in front of me always rent them and then feel like they have the right to recline right into my space as if they are in their own living room. Yes, I put my knees into their back over and over again.
  7. Get a quarterback coach next season. Move Satterfield to coach Tight Ends like he was originally planned to do. There needs to be someone coaching the most important position in all of sports.
  8. Hoiberg get the men to the NCAA tournament and make a run. I look at this season as season 2 for Hoiberg as he has flipped the roster toward a more physical brand of ball. I would love to see him make a run so he sticks around for a long time.

What would go on your list?

Merry Christmas!