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The Christmas Special: Nebraska’s Early Signing Day Class And Dylan Raiola Of Course!

Stephen Bruce

Christmas is coming, and we are looking forward to it!

Nebraska fans received an early Christmas present when Dylan Raiola committed to Nebraska’s 2024 recruiting class AND Danny Kaelin decided to stay.

We have a Christmas special for you! Santa showed up as a special guest, and we showed a number of videos from fans and other YouTubers, including Adam Carriker, Connor Hayden from Corn Crazed, and super Husker artist Ashley Spitsnogle.

We did a quick review of the 2024 Nebraska recruiting class... and unfortunately, I mostly paid attention to the offensive recruits only, but Minnie and Greg filled in some of the banter about the defenders.

It’s a great looking class, btw.

One of the things discussed - the need for me to change my tagline, my catchphrase - “There is no hope, Fuck Everything, Go Big Red” - which is no longer true with the arrival of Dylan Raiola, Danny Kaelin, and the rest of the 2024 class and portal additions.

I will work on that. In the mean time, there is one option already available, but I released it a little early this season. See below.

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