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Football History: How 1912 Marked the Arrival of Modern Football Through Final Major Rules Changes

I have started another Youtube channel dedicated to college football history. This is the last of a first series of videos I’ve done on how modern American football was established. The series runs from 1869-1912. It covers all of the rules changes and crises over that time period.

I could use your support on this channel. Please subscribe so I can get growing. And if you have feedback/critiques, I am more than happy to hear them as I want to improve the quality of the videos I put out. I’m still trying to figure out video editing and... it takes time.


This YouTube description summarizes the evolution of American football from its early days to the major rule changes of 1912. Initially resembling a brawl, football transformed significantly in 1910 with rule changes to reduce injuries and deaths, emphasizing the forward pass. Despite confusion among fans, officials, and coaches in 1911, the game gradually moved away from mass play tactics.

Major changes in 1912 included allowing forward passes to score touchdowns, expanding the permissible pass range, and introducing end zones and a standardized football size. These changes, advocated by figures like Walter Camp, aimed to increase scoring and strengthen the offense. The touchdown’s value increased, and the extra point became crucial in encouraging touchdown attempts over field goals.

The onside kick rule was revised, and the kickoff position changed. These changes marked the last major alterations in American football, shaping it into the form we recognize today.

Jon Johnston of Hardcore College Football History presents this historical journey, inviting viewers to subscribe and share for more insightful content on the sport’s evolution.