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Wednesday Flakes Brings You Signing Day And Other Random Articles

We are crazy

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Dylan Raiola off-season prep Photo by Aubrey Lao /Getty Images

Mankilling Mastodons

Mind of Mike: Dylan Raiola's Flip is Historically Significant - Mike Farrell Sports
Mike Farrell on why the five-star quarterback's flip from Georgia to Nebraska is huge for both the Huskers and the sport of college football’re only going to pay attention to national signing day today. Keep up with our updates here at CN.

Other News In The Sporting World

Sports Betting Apps Are Ensnaring College Students | TIME
Gambling addiction among college students is on the rise, driven by a wave of heavily promoted sports betting apps.

Why Running Brands Are Signing College Athletes Who Can’t Race in Their Gear
NCAA athletes, including Parker Valby, are signing promotional deals to profit off their “name, image, and likeness.”

Alcoholism, ayahuasca and the enlightenment of an NFL player - The Athletic
Jordan Poyer used to be anxious, depressed, unhappy, ego-driven. That's all changed. His wife, Rachel, says he became "my dream husband.”

How tackle football’s decline is changing the sport’s demographics - Washington Post
Football participation is declining across America. How race, politics and economics are shaping which kids abandon the sport and which keep risking its toll.

World-Class Education Can’t Beat the Bag - Mike Farrell Sports
Recruiting and Portal All About the Bag, Books Be Damned

‘Aggressive and exciting offense to watch’: Justin Walterscheid gets the call as new offensive coordinator for Northern Colorado football
“UNC offensively is going to look like an offense to win football games,” he said. “I can confidently say we will be predicated on finding ways to win. We will be an aggressive and exciting offense to watch.”

Florida State renewing talks about potential ACC exit, report says
Florida State missing the College Football Playoff could put the ACC on life support.

Aaron Rodgers on returning this season: 'If I was 100% today I'd be definitely be pushing to play'
Rodgers also said he doesn't think 2024 will be his last season in the NFL.

Why Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss are making us rethink national signing day
Recruiting rankings don't mean as much as they used to. Why? Transfers. Give Lane Kiffin his crown and scepter. The "Portal King" has done it again.

Yellow Journalism

Are the Midwest's rural areas finally seeing population growth after a decade of decline? | KCUR - Kansas City news and NPR
A recent study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that the population in rural areas is on the rise after a decade of decline. Parts of the Midwest and Great Plains saw increases, but not as much as in some other U.S. regions.

Fareed Zakaria: The Self-Doubting Superpower
America shouldn’t give up on the world it made.

What does ‘Midwest culture’ mean to you? We want to hear your thoughts | KCUR - Kansas City news and NPR
When do you feel the most Midwestern? Is it when you’re in the third hour of a goodbye, when you pair chili with cinnamon rolls or when you catch yourself saying “It would be nice out if it wasn’t for the wind.” Call 402-470-6469 to leave a voicemail or tell us below.

Taco Bell 50K Requires Strong Legs—And An Even Stronger Stomach
A group of Denver runners has been running a 31-mile loop and using fast food Mexican restaurants as aid stations. Enter the Taco Bell 50K.

Nebraska 'brain drain' persists, plus another alarm is raised by new census data | Nebraska Examiner
Nebraska 'brain drain' persists, according to newly released U.S. Census data that also raises another growing alarm.

This Maine home can stay 70 degrees without a furnace, even when it's freezing outside | Maine Public
With extra insulation and lots of sun, a passive house in the town of Hope is able to maintain an indoor temperature of around 70 degrees without the use of a furnace.

Ted Turner, longtime Nebraska land baron, still buying as next chapter nears - Flatwater Free Press
The billionaire founder of CNN has long owned more Nebraska land than anyone. What becomes of it when he's gone?

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