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Championship Week Predictions (Plus the Battle for the Soul of Nebraska)

4 Big Football Games plus a Battle between Good and EviLL.

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 30 Jim Harbaugh Introduced as Michigan Head Coach Photo by Steven King/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Mike: Well, the positive thing is that Nebraska can’t lose a close football game this week.

Patrick: Hi

Jarek: The other positive being the Squawks getting laughed out of Indy

Andy: The beauty of college football, and of all college sports really, isn’t just the love of my favorite teams and the joy of watching entertaining teams/games and poll bowls (#1 vs. #2 every chance you get). It’s the hate. Tuning in to watch to watch a program whose team fans and even logo I truly despise get their comeuppance. A few times a day on special weekends.

There’s a few of these today and while no one else has to join me in venting their pettiness here? I know I’m not alone.

Jill: I’m on team #MaximumChaos

Todd: I am not a predictions guy, but I am going to play today. (Note: Any 35 -21 prediction is coincidence!)

One Final Tantrum For The Bovines

Texas (-15.5) vs. Oklahoma State

Patrick: University of Texas 31 Oklahoma State 13

Mike: I’m a man. Texas is going to hang 40. Bovines 40, Gundys 21

Jarek: My hatred for Texas still runs pretty strong, and a win means they would be one final upset from getting into the playoffs. I would despise that. Unfortunately I think they give themselves hope. Horns 41 Okie Lite 38

Andy: For those who disagree with me that petty hatreds are just for for insolent children (and I was definitely THAT), I give you the Big 12 Coaches. They awarded the Coach of the Year not to the regular season champion and departing Texas Longhorns who went 11-1 and beat Bama 34-24.

Nope. They chose Mr. I’M A MAN!! himself whose team went 9-3 and lost 33-7 to South Alabama (and 45-3 to UCF). Now that’s a middle finger I love. There’s lovely dark magic in the air. OSU sent the also-departing Okies out with a loss and will do the same to Tejas - T-Boone’s Okies 27 Horns Down 24.

Jill: I’m pretty sure the Longhorns win this one handily. But, as mentioned above, I want all the chaos, mayhem and upsets possible. A late safety seals the win for OSU. Cowboys 42 Longhorns 41

Todd: I’m with Jill. Cowboys gonna shock the world, or at least central Texas (which is the world for those folks!). Texas is going to dribble this one right down their leg. Okie State 45 - Shorthorns 35. See ya’ later burnt orange!

That League Down South

Alabama (+5.5) at Georgia

Patrick: University of Alabama 17 University of Georgia 14

Mike: Nope. That ain’t happenin’. Jawja 34, ‘Bama 24

Jarek: This is tricky. Both teams have gotten hella hot and look like they could easily win it all. But there can be only one, and I'm taking the Dawgs. Georgia 34 Bama 31

Andy: This one will make me a mess from approximately 3:00-6:30. Georgia’s who I grew up with and my memories of Nebraska missing the title game 1996 remind me winning two titles in a row will not remove the sting of seeing the run at a 3rd taken away. I’m gonna say Carson Beck can pick Bama apart enough for a Dawgs win. UGA 34 Bama 27

Jill: This one is hard to find many chaos possibilities in. Especially after last week’s win by Bama. If Jawja wins, they were supposed to. If Bama wins, they are BACK baby! Dogs 28 Tide 24

Todd: I’m in an upsetty kind of a mood. Nick is crafty. You don’t have his level of success without knowing a few things about the dark side. I don’t know how it will all work, but Roll Tide is going to come out on top so then everyone in the SEC can bitch and whine about the playoffs. Bama 28 — Dogs 24.

That League That’s Going Coast-to-Coast Next Year

Florida State (-1.5) vs. Louisville

Patrick: Florida State University 23 University of Louisville 21

Mike: Who knows who is going to be the Free Shoes quarterback? Fightin’ Brohms 30, Free Shoes 24

Jarek: The last time someone had a 3rd string QB heading into the playoffs it worked out pretty well for Urb and the Buckeyes. Cardale Jones doesn't play for FSU though, and I think it finally catches up to them. Louisville 24 FSU 17

Jill: Chaos dictates that I pick the Cards. Louisville 30 Seminoles 21

Andy: In all the talk about potential chaos theory for the CFP, it feels like no one’s stopped to realize - Georgia, Michigan, Florida St., Washington - we could actually have an all undefeated CFP. For the first time? I don’t know, I’m too lazy to look it up. The Huskies punched their ticket and the other three are all favored. I’m saying the spirits of of Bobby Bowden, Burt Reynolds and Lee Corso (roomed with Burt for his one season) bring it home for the Semi-Holes from Half-Ass U. FSU 34 Loo-ville 24

Todd: I’m afraid the quarterback situation at FSU is going to be too much to overcome for the garnet and gold. Louisville 35 — Seminoles 31.

The B1G Game (aka “Two Defenses but Only One Offense”)

Michigan (-22) vs Iowa

Patrick: University of Michigan 35 University of Iowa 3

Mike: I’m not sure Michigan can score 35 on Phil Parker’s defense...though they might against Brian Ferentz’s offense. Weasels 33, Squawkeyes 0

Jarek: If this game still hits the unders then Iowa definitely didn't score. 22 points is an insane spread, but one Michigan should cover. Michigan 38 Iowa 3

Jill: Even I can’t find enough chaos to pick the Hawkeyes here. Michigan not only wins, they cover. Wolverines by 25 (which probably means 25-0).

Andy: Cheaters vs. Dickheads. So tough. I mean, to figure out who to cheer for, not the winner. I’ll just be entertained by Michigan laying the wood to the Squawks and giving that sour-faced asshole of a coach a real reason to cry. See Nintendo NFL ‘91 for the Iowa playbook, you cheating turds. Weasels 37 The HWCU 0

Todd: This is where I am going to totally humiliate myself and why I do not normally do predictions. IOWA IS NOT GOING TO GET BLOWN OUT! That said, they aren’t going to win either. (I have it on the sly that Brian Ferentz and Connor Stalions were cabin mates at summer camp back in the day, wink wink wink.). Michigan is going to win 13 to 6, basically by the cost of a cheap cheeseburger in Ann Arbor.

Battle for the Soul of This Great State

Creighton (NL) at Nebraska

Patrick: University of Nebraska 86 Creighton University 83

Mike: Awww, ‘eff it. Clear eyes, full heart. Can’t lose. Also can’t spell Bluejays without an “L”. Huskers 73, bLLuejays 67.

Jarek: In years past I would have laughed at you if you would tell me that Nebraska was the undefeated team coming into this game. That's all I need to know. To hell with those infernal blue b*st*rds from Omaha. Nebrasketball 81 Creighton 76

Jill: Okay Patrick, I’ll start to believe. Huskers 84 Bluejays 79

And now for Jill’s weekly rogue Jackrabbit game pick! SDSU is hosting a second round playoff game vs Mercer. The crowd at Dana J. Dykhouse will be amped and the Rabbits will be rested. SDSU 40 Mercer 13

Todd: I don’t care and with football on, I won’t be watching. I predict Keisei is going to throw up a lot of long range bombs and smile a lot. I predict Fred is going to look particularly handsome today. I predict that the announcers will make mention that both Fred and Mac coached at Iowa State. I’m Big Red so I hope the Cornhuskers win. I’m a Fred Fan, so I will predict they will!

Andy: Ugh. I’ll enjoy this one from the comfort of my living room as my preferred beverage establishment will be crawling with Jayskers whose screeching is unbearable. One joyous time, there was the evening the Jays were escorted from the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney by a Baylor squad who cleared the place of those howling vermin by racing to a 50-17 or so halftime lead. The 2nd half silence was joyous.

Okay, the Huskers aren’t doing that. But - for my mother, my grandmother, my father, my uncle and the common good? Huskers 77 Jayskers 74