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Volleyball National Title Recap, And Dylan Raiola Commits To Nebraska!

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Monday Night Therapy

We started by reviewing Nebraska’s loss to Texas in the volleyball national title match.

It was disappointing to see Nebraska get crushed by Texas, but that’s exactly what happened. You can gloss it up all you want, but it was an ass-kicking.

The discussion turned to Dylan Raiola, as it should. We all know Nebraska football, despite being not very good for years, has the ego of the state in its hands.

Young Mr. Raiola announced his commitment with a poem. I responded with a song of my own, part of which I read (I have lyrics, not music) during the show. Perhaps I will put the rest into it’s own movie and someone can add music to it later.

What does Dylan Raiola’s commitment mean for Nebraska? It means that Early Signing Day, the 20th, Wednesday, is going to be a lot more exciting than it was before.

GET A HOODIE! It’s too late to arrive by Christmas, but, hey! Maybe you need a New Year’s present!