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Nebraska Football: Five Star Quarterback Dylan Raiola Commits to the Huskers

Biggest win of the offseason

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is a freight train that came out of nowhere. Normally, freight trains that come out of no where are not a good thing. In this case, it is a really good thing.

Dylan Raiola, the number one ranked quarterback in the country and (depending on the recruiting service) a top five player regardless of position comes out of nowhere and commits to Nebraska.

The Nebraska legacy makes the hopes and dreams of Nebraska football recruiting nerds all over the world as he is now the highest rated player to ever sign (assuming he signs) with Nebraska.

Seven months ago Dylan Raiola committed to play quarterback for Georgia. This was not a surprise as Georgia is currently the best college football program in the country and Nebraska was a dumpster fire as Matt Rhule was hired to clean things up.

While Nebraska only won five games in 2023, it is my assumption that Nebraska offensive line coach (and Dylan’s uncle) probably liked what he saw from how Rhule ran things and gave his stamp of approval.

Maybe this was the plan the entire time. Dylan Raiola might have secured a spot at the best program in the country while he could bide his time to see how Matt Rhule does things at Nebraska.

Or maybe something scared him off from Georgia. Who knows.

Unfortunately, the news of the commitment from the five star quarterback likely scared off Kyle McCord who was looking to transfer from Ohio State. So Nebraska will likely still be looking for somebody who can step in for the 2024 season and guide the program to more than five wins.

Maybe that guy is Dylan Raiola. Or maybe it is Casey Thompson.

Regardless, getting the best quarterback in the country to sign for your team is always a reason to celebrate.

I am torn on the fact that Daniel Kaelin is a local guy and wanted to be a Husker. I hope he ends up staying but nobody could blame him from trying to find greener pastures.