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Instant Reaction: Texas Sweeps Nebraska Volleyball to earn their second straight national title

An amazing 33-2 season but still disappointing.

NCAA VOLLEYBALL: DEC 17 Division I Women’s Championship - Teams vs Team Photo by David Buono/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

wow. I thought Nebraska would win. At the least I thought it would be a good match but I certainly didn’t see Texas kicking Nebraska’s ass.

Unfortunately, that’s what this was Texas’ service killed Nebraska in the second set much the way the Longhorns killed Wisconsin. A young Nebraska team had no answer, and it was the first time this season we really saw them lose their composure.

Maddie Skinner for Texas finished with 16 kills. Texas had 12 aces, compared to Nebraska’s 2. That was the match.

Harper Murray lead Nebraska with 7 kills. Hard to have kills when you spend most of the match out of systems.

Nebraska volleyball finishes at 33-2 and somehow it’s still a disappointing season.

The hope is - everyone at Nebraska will return and this team will use this as a stepping stone to win many more games in the future.