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Instant Reaction: Nebraska Volleyball Sweeps Pitt to make the National Title Game!

Nebraska Athletic Department

Nebraska volleyball SWEEPS Pitt 3-0, 25-20, 25-23, and then 25-17 to get to the 2023 NCAA volleyball national title game!

An incredible match from Nebraska. I thought Nebraska would win, but I’m amazed that Pitt didn’t at least take a set.

Bekka Allick was amazing in the middle, along with Andi Jackson. Harper Murray continues to show she’s one of the best players in the game. Merritt Beason had four aces in the third set, and then there was all the BLOCKING by Nebraska.

Nebraska had 15 blocks in three sets. That’s impressive.

Nebraska won in the middle. Allick hit .571 with 4 kills and 10 blocks!!!! Jackson hit .556 with 5 kills and 4 blocks.

Next we get to see who wins from the evil side of the bracket - Wisconsin or Texas.

Who you rooting for? We still have a volleyball thread going!

The National Title match is Sunday!!!!!!