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Nebraska Volleyball Sweeps Pitt to Make It Back to the National Championship

Nebraska is back into the NCAA National Championship game after a sweep of Pitt

NCAA Womens Volleyball: Wisconsin at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Wow what a match is all I can say. I expected Nebraska to win this match, but I never expected a sweep. Pitt’s big players still had a big game, but it was nothing compared to the Huskers and how they played.

I will say that I was having a heart attack at the beginning of this match because of nerves, but it probably doesn’t come close to their nerves even though they never showed that they were nervous.

We also seem to win big matches on things like challenges or just funny calls. The first Wisconsin match was won on a challenge win and then this match was won on a controversial net violation by Pitt.

The Huskers are hitting on all cylinders at just the right time and it is very exciting to see and it should get everyone pumped for the championship game on Sunday.

This special year continues to the National Championship game and Husker fans can not be more excited.

The Huskers hit .245 for the match, but they were hitting at least .500 late in the third set. They never let up and, most importantly, kept their errors to a minimum tonight which helped them a lot.

Harper Murray led the way tonight for the Huskers with 13 kills and hit .273 in the match. She was unstoppable and this is what we needed from her. She has definitely improved this year and it is paying off.

Ally Batenhorst and Merritt Beason both had 8 kills tonight. They hit .190 and .038 respectively. It wasn’t the best night for these two on offense, but they made up for it on the defensive side.

Andi Jackson always has one of the best hitting percentages on the team even if she doesn’t have as many kills. She hit .556 on 4 kills tonight

Lexi Rodriguez held it down on defense, per usual, with 14 digs. This is exactly why she is the B1G Defensive Player of the Year and she shows it every match.

Bekka Allick and Merritt Beason played amazing defense at the net with 7 and 5 blocks respectively.

Every single team member who touches the court on Sunday will need to be ready to everything thrown at the them by the other team. They need to be just as solid as they were tonight.

Well, we are finally here. The game that we wanted to be back in ever since we lost the 2021 National Championship.

Nebraska definitely brought the whole state with them to Florida for these matches so we won’t be short on fans compared to the other teams.

Nebraska has a chance to be only the second team ever to win a National Championship with no seniors on the team. Pacific is the only other team to do this and this was in the 80’s.

Move over NFL fans because here comes College Volleyball on Sunday. This sport has gained so much attention this year and it has been so amazing to watch so many more people fall in love with the sport.

Nebraska plays the winner of Texas-Wisconsin on Sunday, December 17th at 2:00 p.m. CST at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. The match will be televised on ABC this time.