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Five Heart Podcast: Kyle McCord Isn’t Coming And The Quarterback Room at Nebraska Has Blown Apart

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We introduced a new member of the Five Heart Podcast staff tonight, and we spent some time getting to know her - Minnie Hunt!

The news explosion - Kyle McCord is NOT coming to Nebraska, and Danny Kaelin has opened up his commitment and is visiting Michigan State. This has lead everyone to catastrophosize the worst possible outcomes because that’s what we do as humans.

Reality is - we should all let this play out.

The portal doesn’t close until January 2nd, and players have until then to make their decisions - if they’re transferring. Early signing day is December 20th, so there is still a week left to make decisions if you’re a new recruit.

Given that, of course everyone is freaked out about the news. I’m pretty sure Nebraska will end up with some quarterback, it’s just that we know one of them won’t be Kyle McCord.

We had some fun with Minnie on her first show.