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Huskers Football Recruiting: It’s Raiola-rrific

After getting knocked to the canvas last spring in the Battle for Raiola, the Huskers are back on their feet. Who’s ready for round two?

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Sure, this might blow up in our faces again, but if anyone is built to take another gut punch of disappointment, it’s us!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last 20 hours or so - or living a normal life bereft of losing sleep over the whims and travel plans of high school and college football players - you are aware that top nationally ranked recruit and Huskers legacy Dylan Raiola is reconsidering a commitment to Nebraska football.

So here’s what started the fun yesterday:


That’s 247’s national guy, so while everyone wants to be first, it probably wasn’t something Wilfong did lightly.

But wait a minute.

After the USS Dylan had sailed to Georgia - literally as he moved to Buford, GA, for his senior year to be closer to the campus - hadn’t the Huskers flipped local Bellevue West QB Daniel Kaelin from Missouri to DONU? Yes they had and while this news couldn’t have been thrilling to Mr. Kaelin, apparently Head Coach Matt Rhule moved quickly to let him know he was still part of the Husker family:

Anyway, as many got excited and just as many scoffed preparing for a second rejection, the news hit Raiola was coming back to town:

Now my first thought? He’s probably been to Lincoln more than any other city in the country during his whirlwind recruitment and has to know the place inside and out.

So my second thought?

With early signing day coming up three days after he leaves on Sunday and the Georgia folk highly likely to not take a potential commitment flip well, it might have been decided that Lincoln, NE, would be a much happier location to announce said flip.

And for a taste of how Georgia fans will react, see the post from one of their boards below where at least one dedicated Dawg fan feels about a half step from going full Die Hard - character selected: Hans Gruber.

And honestly, that’s some powerful-ass Georgia. If we want to get back to National Champs level, this is the dedication and psychosis required:

With the announcement of the visit and the heat of all this news causing mindsets of the fan bases to elevate to Potential Sky Crimes level, it was time for to get on board:

HERE’S THE LINK but for those without a premium Rivals subscription, the long and short of it is this: the author spent a paragraph or so explaining how he can’t announce a percentage chance of Raiola committing to Nebraska as long as he remains committed to Georgia, i.e., he would have to decommit before that could be done.

Anyway, he then said he gave Raiola an 8-9 out of 10 he would flip to the Huskers. Way to hold strong.

So, that’s where we stand as of me typing this and embedding Twitter/X stuff. Since it would appear things are on hold until this weekend, we can assume that may be it for more news on this until then.

Or that could be a completely stupid assumption and the world could burn some more before sunset. Who knows? We are all deranged and on the lunatic fringe. Apologize to no one for this.

In any case, hold on tight as it appears this could very much be happening.

Georgia fans? (and yeah, I’m one, but screw that, we need this)

Please do your part by losing all y’all’s shit on social media and anywhere else you can be heard. Let fly with the disparaging remarks, insults, condescension and any other bile you can spew. If Dylan’s still on the fence, that should be the final nudge to push him to Lincoln.

We’re counting on you.

And for anyone looking for an even more ridiculous level of hope this holiday season, I leave you with this:

(Looks like this account posted for the first time three days ago, but just leave that part out. Tell Santa we want it all! Go Big Red.)

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