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Nebraska Spread the Scoring Around in Seven Point Win Over Preseason Top 5 Michigan State

Michigan State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

On most nights if Nebraska can get 20 points from Juwan Gary (on 8-11 shooting), 15 from Keisei Tominaga, 14 from Brice Williams and ten points from C.J. Wilcher then I probably wonder how Reink Mast did.

He got eight and his last bucket, which was a baby hook with 1:04 left, put Nebraska up four and Nebraska never gave up the lead.

So that’s four players with double digit points and one who was two points away is the recipe for Nebraska that worked tonight.

Nebraska can’t have nights where only two players score in the second half (against Minnesota).

They can’t have nights where they go on long multiple streaks of scoreless possessions (against Creighton).

The best part about this win against Michigan State was that the Spartans did not actually play that bad. This wasn’t the case of a Michigan State team that simply didn’t show up to play.

In the past 12 games between Nebraska and Michigan State, Nebraska now has one win. And in this win it looked like Nebraska belonged on the same floor as a preseason Top 5 team.

Yes. Michigan State is now 4-5. However four of their losses are to Wisconsin (ranked #23), Duke (#22), Arizona (#1) and James Madison (#18).

Oh, and also to future Final Four bound Nebraska.

My eight year old daughter, huge Nebraska basketball fan, said the reason why the Huskers won the game was because Nebraska made a lot of free throws. She isn’t wrong. Nebraska went 6 for 6 from the free throw line in the last minute to seal the deal for Nebraska. They were 11-13 on the night

Nebraska is one of the best free throw shooting teams in the country. Hopefully they can get more leads at the end of games so we can watch their free throw shooting seal the deal many more times this season.