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Nebraska Football vs Maryland: Two 5-4 Teams - One Will Be Bowl Eligible, The Other Will Be Sad

Penn State v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Emmett Siegel, managing editor of the Testudo Times, our Maryland SBNation site, will join me for an interview about the Terrapins, the opponent Nebraska plays this weekend.

We might discuss football. We might discuss turtles. We will certainly learn how to pronounce Tua’s brother’s name correctly.

It was apparent during the interview that fans of neither team have much faith to pull out a win this weekend.

Maryland started the year 5-0. Since then, they’ve fallen to 5-4.

Emmett talked about how the Terps have completely abandoned the run game, having thrown the ball 40 times, and rushed only 7 last week in a lopsided loss against Penn State. (Penn State held the Terps to -49 rushing yards because of sacks.)

Maryland has a good quarterback, Taulia Tagovailoa, and good playmakers at wide receivers. Unfortunately, the Terps don’t have much in the way of an offensive line, and while they do have some good running backs, they don’t find much in the way of holes to run through.

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