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Corn Nation Over Reaction: Turnovers Finally Bite Us in the Ass

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Michigan State Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

This GIF sums up our overall feelings after Nebraska’s 20-17 loss at Michigan State:

Two interceptions that were just poor decisions. One lost fumble that was questionable in the lack of a backbone of the officiating crew to rule the play an incomplete pass.

I say it in the show and I’ll reiterate now...this loss cannot and should not be blamed on the officiating. Nebraska had plenty of opportunity to win this game and as such, provided plenty of opportunity to give the game away.

But let’s look at some positives:

  • Nebraska went the whole game without a penalty, something that hasn’t happened in almost twenty years.
  • Luke Reimer climbs his way to number seven in all-time tackles at Nebraska.

And while not official, it seems to be clear that the path to victory lies in RUNNING THE DAMN BALL!

So let’s see if the real lesson was learned and if bowl eligibility will be attained this weekend when the Huskers host Maryland.

Also, Hoss was at the game in East Lansing and did not have a memorable trip, at least not for the right reasons. And he summed up his thoughts on the facilities very succinctly.

“Their stadium is a dump.” - Hoss