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Big Ten Football Rankings - Week 10 - There’s A Lot Of Bad

Yes, we skipped a week

Michigan State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Welcome back folks, it’s been awhile. Well, to be honest it has only been two weeks. Last week got away with life and the upcoming Nebrasketball season so the Rankings took a back seat.

There’s no real change from the last rankings in the top three outside of Penn State losing to Ohio State two weeks ago and dropping a spot. Giving the coveted #2 ranking to the Buckeyes.

As for the rest, the Hot Pile of Garbage section has a handful of new members. To be honest, I do not see any of them making it out by the end of the season. That leaves us with...

Iowa & Rutgers

Iowa and Rutgers are not exactly hot garbage but they’re not a top team by any stretch of the imagination. So they were put in their own categories.

Folks, outside of the top three the Big Ten is not a great conference. Only in television revenue, maybe. On the field, there’s not much to watch here. There are three teams ranked in the Top 25 and no one else should be.

The Top 3

1. Michigan (9-0 Overall 6-0 Conference) Beat Purdue 41-13

  • Until you get beat or the sanctions turn to reality, you’re here. Now, just beat Penn State without making it look like you have been stealing their play calls in an illegal fashion and you “should” be just fine.

2. Ohio State (9-0 Overall 6-0 Conference) Beat Rutgers 35-16

  • You beat Penn State the week before and now you struggled for a bit against Rutgers. But it’s 2023 Rutgers. Not 2021 Rutgers. The 2023 Rutgers are a bit salty and make up for the lack of talent with grit and a decent bit of coaching.

3. Penn State (8-1 Overall 4-1 Conference) Beat Maryland 51-15

  • Nice bounce back win from your loss to Ohio State. Now, its time to host Michigan as they come to Happy Valley. Hopefully they don’t know your plays to well.

IOWA (Yes, Iowa get’s it own category)

4. Iowa (7-2 Overall 4-2 Conference) Beat Northwestern 10-7

  • Iowa, I am struggling trying to find a place for you. You’re certainly not good enough to be in the top of the conference. That’s for sure. However, you’re record doesn’t exactly put you in hot garbage category. So, you get your own category that is specific to teams who love to punt, play defense, and has no clue what an offense is. To all the Hawkeye fans out there, at least you get a new offensive coordinator next year. Maybe even a new head coach?

RUTGERS (Yes, even Rutgers gets it’s own category)

5. Rutgers (6-3 Overall 3-3 Conference) Lost to #3 Ohio State 16-35

  • Hey, you’re still chugging along and doing okay. You have Iowa, Penn State, & Maryland left on the schedule. You can probably pull off one more win. Maybe two if Iowa’s offense really goes to hell.

Pile of Garbage Has New Members And They Stink (In Alphabetical Order)

Illinois (4-5 Overall 2-4 Conference) Beat Minnesota 27-26

  • Hey Burt, nice win. There’s nothing else to say. Hot garbage beat hot garbage.

Indiana (3-6 Overall 1-5 Conference) Beat Wisconsin 20-14

  • Wow, really did not see this coming. Indiana, a week ago you were left for dead. Now, maybe you don’t have to buyout your coach at the end of the year. Then again, maybe you still should?

Maryland (5-4 Overall 2-4 Conference) Lost to #9 Penn State 15-51

  • Maryland, you were the toast of the town a month ago. 5-0 and looking like a solid #4 in the Big Ten East Division. Now, you have four strait losses and have to travel to Lincoln, NE.

Michigan State (3-6 Overall 1-5 Conference) Beat Nebraska 20-17

  • Michigan State is a talented team that has gone through some diversity over the past few months. They decided to take advantage of the MASH unit that is the Cornhuskers.

Minnesota (5-4 Overall 3-3 Conference) Lost to Illinois 26-27

  • Haha, what are you doing?

Nebraska (5-4 Overall 3-3 Conference) Lost to Michigan State 17-20

  • Nebraska has been punching above it’s belt as of late. They went up against a team that was ready to take advantage of the Huskers deficiencies. This is a rebuild folks. The Huskers will have games like this.

Northwestern (4-5 Overall 2-4 Conference) Lost to Iowa 7-10

  • Did not watch. No one should have watched this game. Also, no more games in baseball stadiums please.

Purdue (2-7 Overall 1-5 Conference) Lost to #3 Michigan 13-41

  • No one is going to accuse Michigan of stealing your signs. It is pretty obvious that you do not have any to steal.

Wisconsin (5-4 Overall 3-3 Conference) Lost to Indiana 14-20

  • Hi, when does the Air Raid kick in?

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