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Monday Night Therapy: The Most Amazing Thing That Happened After Nebraska Lost to Michigan State

Nebraska lost to Michigan State 20-17. It was a terrible loss. It was an unexpected loss. It was... different than many other losses we’ve experienced in the past couple years.

Something has changed.

But what?

I guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

During the show I mentioned a series of interviews I did with a Division I football official years ago. Here is an article entitled:

Why don’t they call holding?

It has links to several other articles about officials as well:

It takes years to become a FCS-level official, working your way up through the system. We’ve defined the different officiating positions, their responsibilities and the players they watch throughout a play.

Lots of discussion about the quarterback, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

There wasn’t nearly as much negativity as I thought there’d be. Plenty of good ideas about what to call my bathroom videos. In fact, we released t-shirts and hoodies around part of the concept - the toilet.

Get A Shirt

Right here: