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Instant Reaction to Nebraska’s Uninspired 20-17 Loss to Michigan State

Nebraska v Michigan State Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

If I had to pick a word for today’s loss, it would be “uninspired”. It wasn’t just the offense. It wasn’t just the defense or the special teams. It was everything, an all-around suckfest, and that includes the coaching staff.

Why, for example, was Billy Kemp on the field if there was no chance of return? Why was he sent out there to field the damned ball inside the ten? WHAT WAS THE POINT?

You could have let the ball roll into the end zone most of the time and not started the crappy, inefficient offense in the shadow of their own goal post.

We KNEW going into this game that we have a bad offense. It should be of little shock that they didn’t play well, because they’re not very good. That we had three turnovers shouldn’t be that big a shock either.

We know our team turns the ball over and can only score from 17-20 points a game; 24 if they’re playing well.

Unfortunately, Michigan State’s offense played much better than expected against our defense. The Blackshirts gave up a lot of big plays. A lot more than usual.

It’s an all-around shitty loss.

Don’t let it ruin your week. Maryland is up next.

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