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Friday Flakes: Is Nebraska Football Fun Again?

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I was sitting at home watching the game last Saturday with my son. Then this happened.

And it was right about the moment that Quinton Newsome caught it... stride...

…and it was clear he was going to return it for a touchdown (while high fiving Tommi Hill)…and I have to admit that in my head the first thought that flashed through my mind was, “Is Nebraska Football fun again?”

It might have been a one time thing but I am starting to think that it isn’t. The way this team flies around and hits people. The way that Matt Rhule has apparently brought back tackling to Memorial Stadium. The way that special teams is making plays. The way the offense is TRYING to do whatever it has to do to win games.

It is just fun to watch Nebraska football again.

In no attempt to rehash the past, over the past decade or so I would say that watching Nebraska football was more of a stressful event instead of a fun one. It was stressful always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Stressful just thinking what could go wrong — go wrong. Then even when they would win, however rarely, it was more of a relief instead of joy.

I know that Quinton Newsome and Tommi Hill should not have been high fiving each other when they did but it sure looked like they were having fun.

When the players are having fun, it sure makes cheering for them a lot more fun.


The 3-2-1: Nebraska ready to play meaningful November football
Nebraska prepares for its most meaningful November football since 2014 as the Huskers sit in the conversation to capture the Big Ten West.

We hit on that and more in this week’s 3-2-1 column with three things we learned, ask two questions and make one prediction.

Nebraska volleyball assistant Jordan Larson is a coaching natural
Jordan Larson is a natural volleyball player. After a historic career at Logan View High School in Hooper, Neb., she was a three-time All-American at Nebraska. The 6-foot-2 outside hitter is now one of the best and well-known volleyball players in the world.

But, she is also a natural coach, according to Husker Head Coach John Cook.

Behind Enemy Lines: Breaking down the Michigan State Spartans
Nebraska football is playing meaningful games in November for the first time since 2019. With four games remaining, the Huskers are one win away from a bowl game and have an outside shot at the Big Ten West title.

Michigan State is the next team on the docket. The Spartans have not won a game since being embroiled in the Mel Tucker controversy back in September. Interim head coach Harlon Barnett has taken the helm for MSU.

Christopherson B1G rankings: Huskers to upper half as meaningful November games await
No ugly talk from me right now.

Sure, these Husker wins of late might not be the kind of games you'd find yourself watching on whatever the YouTube version of YouTube is 10 or 15 years from now. Still go down as Ws in whatever the media guide version of media guides is then.

Javin Wright: 'I believed that their process was going to work'
When Husker staffers approached Javin Wright about a position move this offseason, you could say he was briefly up in the air about it.

"I was a little teetery," he said.

He'd considered himself a defensive back. That's what he came to Nebraska to play. And if not for some injuries derailing the process, he might have logged his share of snaps somewhere on that back end too.

Sources - Big Ten coaches urge action vs. Michigan in call - ESPN
A vast majority of the Big Ten coaches expressed their frustrations with the ongoing signal-stealing investigation at Michigan in a video call with commissioner Tony Petitti on Wednesday, sources told ESPN.

LeBron James 'takes over' again as Lakers outlast Clippers - ESPN
Halfway through overtime in the Los Angeles Lakers' 130-125 win over the LA Clippers on Wednesday -- with LeBron James' playing time already nearing the 40-minute mark -- Austin Reaves had a decision to make.

Storming up the court on a fastbreak, having just stolen the ball from Kawhi Leonard, Reaves could try to finish at the basket himself or involve his 38-year-old teammate.

World Series 2023: Nobody knows how to get Rangers superstar Corey Seager out. His MVP performance is proof of that.
PHOENIX — When the Texas Rangers really needed a hit in World Series Game 1, Corey Seager pounced on a first-pitch fastball and sent it screaming into the seats. When they really needed a hit — their first — in World Series Game 5, Seager laid off a changeup, battled through two curveballs and squibbed a third curveball off the end of the bat, through the infield’s open left side.

Indiana, Mike Krzyzewski join college basketball world in mourning Bob Knight
Hall of Fame Basketball coach Bob Knight died Wednesday at 83 years old.

A giant of the game who led Indiana to three national championships, Knight was known for his 902 NCAA coaching wins (sixth all time), as well as his temper and myriad controversies.

No matter one's thoughts on Knight, his impact on the game can't be denied. His death prompted mourning from the college basketball world Wednesday, including from Indiana, Texas Tech and Army, where he started his head-coaching career.


Omaha Restaurant Dishes You NEED to Try at Least Once - Restaurant Hoppen
Consider this your “Omaha food checklist”… to one man’s palate, at least.

These are dishes I think any Omahan, especially one who classifies themselves as a food lover, needs to experience at least once. Some are fine dining, others are from hole in the walls. I believe this list offers a grand view of Omaha’s dining scene, and I feel extremely confident that if you have any of these dishes, you’re going to be thrilled.

I tried to keep this list to items you’ll find on each restaurant’s menu consistently (with two exceptions; you’ll see), so incredible restaurants with menus that change frequently like Au Courant, The Boiler Room, and V. Mertz weren’t included. But anything else is fair game.

Consider this your unofficial guide to Omaha’s best bites.