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Monday Night Therapy: Nebraska Football Season Ends Early (Again), A Discussion

The 2023 Nebraska football season is over. At one point, Nebraska was 5-3 with four games left to win one to get to a bowl game. Didn’t happen.

Now as we stare into the abyss of the off-season (despite the fact there are plenty of other Husker sports), we must ask - who is to blame, and whom must we burn at the stake?

It’s what we do.

Unless your name is Scott Frost. Then we just sit around and give you plenty of time to auger the program into the ground.

There was plenty of discussion around Nebraska sports. Our beloved Huskers went 0-3 last Friday.

  • Volleyball lost to Wisconsin in Madison.
  • Our soccer team lost in the Elite Eight round in the NCAA Tournament. They gave Stanford a run, but were short in a 2-1 loss in OT.
  • And of course, football lost another 13-10 game on the final play of the game. Incredible.

There was plenty of discussion about the lack of offense, why Minnesota gets into a bowl game at 5-7, Marcus Satterfield, quarterbacks, you name it. We covered a fair amount of ground in an hour.

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