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Was The 2023 Nebraska Football Season A Success Or No?

ChatGPT Summary of transcription:

Jon Johnston of Corn Nation discusses the 2023 Nebraska football season, particularly whether it was a success under new coach Matt Rule. He explores the perspectives of results-oriented and process-oriented people. Results-oriented individuals see the season as a failure because Nebraska didn’t reach a bowl game, continuing a trend since 2016 and displaying similar game-losing patterns as before. On the other hand, process-oriented people might view it as a success due to improvements in defense and the offensive line, and the fact that the team achieved its best win record since 2016.

Johnston also touches on issues like player injuries and the treatment of players as replaceable ‘toasters,’ criticizing this mindset. He highlights the importance of team culture and leadership, exemplified by Ty Robinson’s decision to stay with the team. Additionally, he acknowledges the challenge of recruiting quality players, likening it to finding rare, valuable individuals rather than easily replaceable objects.

Ultimately, Johnston leans towards viewing the season as a success, seeing substantial progress in the team. He invites viewers to share their thoughts and suggests he might prefer to focus on future content rather than dissecting the 2023 season in detail. He concludes by expressing gratitude for the channel’s support and reaffirms his support for Nebraska, ending with “Go Big Red.”

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Hello everybody, it’s Jon Johnston Corn Nation and I’m here to ask the tough questions. And those questions aren’t, “What’s for breakfast?” or “Why aren’t I eating more bacon?” But, is the 2023 Nebraska football season the first year under new coach Matt Rule a success or not? Now how you answer this question is heavily dependent upon what kind of person you are and how you see solutions and problems. For example, results oriented people will look at this season and say the record was five and seven.

The didn’t reach the six and six necessary to reach a bowl game. And I think everybody would have said this season will be a success of Nebraska reached a bowl game because we haven’t been to a bowl game since like 1935. Seems that way. 2016.

And that’s a long time. We’re the only power five school to not get to a bowl game lately and that makes us the worst program in power five until we get rid of that anchor.

And it’s frustrating. Results oriented people would also look at the games and say, “Well, we lost the games the same way as we did under Matt Rule’s predecessor. We lost three games this season. 13 to 10 to Minnesota, Maryland and Iowa on the last play of the game.” We even had an interception with 31 seconds left in the Iowa game and it looked like we could win. But no, we threw that game away too. So the results oriented people would look at this season to say this season is a failure because they’re looking at outcomes. Now you compare this to process oriented people and the difference is this. Results oriented people look at outcome only. Process oriented people are looking at the process and they are worried about setting themselves up for success before they ever worry of looking at the outcome. Now, if you’re a process oriented person, you look at 2023 season, you would see substantial progress and you probably call this season a success. Why?

Well, the defense played a lot of young guys. They played a lot of guys and they played much better than they have in a very long time. I’d argue since 2009, the days in the Dama Kansu.

But we have the entire offseason to dissect every moment of 2023. God help us all. The defense got a lot better. We saw tackles for loss. We saw a lot of sacks. We saw a team that didn’t give up a lot of points.

And unfortunately, the offense didn’t match that and the offense is still a work in progress.

And we could all argue and again, we’re going to spend the entire offseason arguing about 2023 in the offense. But there were things on the offense that were better. The offensive line got better than it was previously. They didn’t blow up on stunts and twists and blitzes like they did the previous few seasons.

I think they got better at run blocking. I think they got better at doing things like pulling or wall blocking or sliding. I think they did a lot of things better. Are they the 90s pipeline? No, but they got a lot better than they were before and largely with the same people. You could also look at the fact that five wins was the best since 2016. That’s probably a results oriented person. Maybe not. We’ll make the case under process oriented. But five wins was the best since 2016.

And the best record, you know, if we compare it, because we do this, you can look at it and say, well, man, we’ll get to five wins in his first year. And that was the best Scott Frost could do in five. So I think that’s pretty good sign of progress, maybe.

But here’s the key between these two sides.

Neither is wrong.

They’re just looking at things from a different perspective. The results oriented people aren’t wrong. The results are not enough to say that this season is a success.

And the process oriented people can see substantial progress.

And this is our problem when we’re dealing with different human beings. We don’t take into account the ways that they look at problems and how they might see things different than each other. I’m going to touch on something else. And that is the players because I think it’s important. There were a lot of injuries on this team this year. And I’ve seen people say, well, injuries are just an excuse.

And as if we have just a never endless supply of left tackles, which I find bizarre.

And we lost two of our top three running backs early on in the season. And Emma Johnson did a good job of stepping up. But you lost production and that’s important. And now there’s going to be still some people that say, well, that’s just an excuse. As if they’re like I said, a never ending supply of first string players. There’s a reason why people are first string and second string. And I think the discrepancy here comes in because some people see other people as toasters. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, think about what you do with a toaster.

You use your toaster every day and then one day it doesn’t work anymore. And then you say, oh, I need a new toaster. And you go out and buy it to new toaster. And sometimes you buy the same one because you like the previous toaster.

In other words, it is a toaster is a cheap, replaceable product that is easy to obtain. You just go get one. You got a new one. And you see people treat other people like this all the time. I work in IT.

People in corporate environments kind of look at IT people as if, well, that guy has this skill set. Maybe we could get another guy who showers more often. And that would be good. And I think that we see people a lot like that. One of my pet thieves is when people say things like they should that left tackle, that left guard should never play again. He’s had too many false starts, but they never name his replacement. They never say that Bob Smith should be out of the game and never play again and replaced by Joe Smith. Unless it’s a backup quarterback and we all know everybody’s backup quarterback is the best player that’s ever lived in existence. We know the backup quarterbacks. We don’t know anybody else. This 2023 Nebraska team was a very young team.

And that means they’re prone to more mistakes than they would be if they were veterans. They’re prone to get caught up in emotions more than ever they were veterans. The other thing I’ve seen people say is, well, maybe they should get rid more of these players because they don’t know how to win. And again, that’s the toaster idea.

And you kind of kind of look at this and say, well, what about the culture? We hear that too much. I’m sorry for bringing it up, but the word fits. What about the culture that Matt Rule is building? What about the team environment that he’s building? We’re not there every day. We don’t know who’s going to the rating room on time or going to meetings on time or studying their playbooks properly. We don’t know how they practice, but we can get an indication of what’s going on with the team culture.

There’s been comments about how this team loses so much. The good players are going to leave. No recruits are going to want to play for this team. But you know what? Ty Robinson decided to return. And that’s really important because Ty Robinson was one of those single digit guys who is a leader on this team. If we thought that there was a problem with the culture or the environment of players on this team, I think Ty Robinson probably would have said, I think I’ll go to the NFL Draft and see what I can do there. But he didn’t. He decided to return again. Like I said, that is a huge, huge deal. Now, does Nebraska need to go out and get some players? Yes. And this is the other thing to do with players. We went this entire season without a really good serviceable quarterback until the last like two games in which Chubba pretty played decently. In Nebraska, I think it’s pretty clear that we need to go out and get some other players to help with this. So is that going to be an easy task? Well, it is if you see players like Toaster because you can just go by the store and go by any one of 30. But the reality is in life when it comes to people, is the good ones are really hard to find and everybody else is after them too.

And I’m not trying to make this as an excuse. This is a presentable problem that has to have a solution. And it’s not as easy as just, like I said, buying a Toaster. My answer to the question is the 2023 season a success is yes. And bluntly and honestly, it’s because I might want to not just say no, because that’s a lot more depressing than I want to think about. But I see it as a process and I see that there’s substantial progress this season for all the reasons I listed. I am interested in hearing your thoughts in the 2023 season. So leave us some comments, make some suggestions. Your viewpoints are welcome. I want to thank you all for your support of this channel. One thing I’d say is this. I don’t know if I want to spend the entire offseason going back and prosecuting or dissecting everything about 2023. I’d really prefer to just move on. And I’m kind of up in the air about what we’re going to do for content over the off season, just because I don’t feel like dissecting every single play. One thing I would like to see somebody do is everybody was like, “What if they run in the ball more?” Well, you know what? If you could go back and look at every defensive alignment, it might tell you, but I don’t think anybody’s going to do that. And I’m certainly not going to take the time. Thank you again for your support for this channel. John Johnston, Corn Nation. I hope you’re doing well. Go Big Red.