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Iowa 13 Nebraska 10: Game Recap

The Huskers hoped to go bowling but threw a gutter ball instead

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Happy leftover turkey day! I’m at work helping with a cattle show during this game so my recap might include some showmanship tips along with game notes.

Chubba Purdy will get his second straight start for the Huskers. Against Maryland, he showed that he can move the chains and make good decisions - yay for that! Nick Henrich will miss this game with his third torn ACL. It seems likely Henrich’s football career is done, which is sad. He has worked hard to get through so many injuries that you really wanted to see him enjoy a full season.

Iowa is a pretty banged up team as well and will be missing a wideout (Vines), making them even more dependent on their tight ends than they already are. The o-line is also going to be shorthanded with a couple of starters out or questionable. But, it’s Iowa. They will just plug in another talented guy and fail to score points anyway.

The O/U on this game is the lowest in college football history at 25.5. First team to 14 just might run away with the Heroes Trophy. Speaking of which...

Heroes Game

First Quarter Notes

  • After the first series by each team, the Huskers gained field position by getting across midfield before punting. If punting is winning, Nebraska is off to a good start so far.
  • Both teams fumbled the ball, but it was the Huskers that could not recover. Sigh. One of the keys to this game was in which crappy offense could get the most short fields. So far, the Hawkeyes are ahead in that department.
  • Using the entire arena in cattle showing is just as important as using the entire field in football. Spacing is your friend.
  • Nebraska got the best possible outcome from the turnover. Force a field goal and block it. Whew!
  • An unnecessary roughness penalty on the Huskerse gifted 15 yards to the Hawkeye offense. The quarter ended with Iowa driving inside Husker territory.

I’m sure this comes as a shock, but the quarter ended with neither team able to score.

Nebraska 0 Iowa 0

Second Quarter Notes

  • First and goal. Second and goal. Third and goal. Touchdown Iowa. Hill fumbled, but not until after he was across the plane. Iowa 7 Nebraska 0
  • Oh look! Another Husker turnover!
  • Field goal, Hawkeyes. Iowa 10 Nebraska 0
  • Size and balance are really important in lineman as well as breeding heifers. You need the pounds, but that mass needs to be well put together to get the job done.
  • Chubba chucks one for a TOUCHDOWN!!! Iowa 10 Nebraska 7
  • Another blocked Hawkeye field goal!!
  • Another Iowa fumble. Another Iowa recovery. Halftime.

Iowa 10 Nebraska 7

Third Quarter

  • Some things just cannot be moved. Both of these team’s offenses are examples of that. Green, young heifers are another. Some days, you can’t get her to walk around the ring no matter how hard you try.
  • A FIELD GOAL!! Why does that feel like it should be worth more than three points in this game?!

Nebraska 10 Iowa 10

Fourth Quarter

  • Buschini pins the Hawkeye on their one yard line!!
  • The Huskers got the ball back at midfield and drove into field goal range...but NO GOOD.
  • Tommi Hill INTERCEPTS Deacon Hill - there’s life in Nebraska’s hopes for a bowl game.
  • Or not. Chubba Purdy is intercepted and one play later, the Hawkeyes are in field goal range.

Final. Iowa 13 Nebraska 10

Nebraska had a chance to go bowling. They threw a gutter ball instead. It was a long shot for the Huskers to make that much progress in year 1 for Matt Rhule, but I allowed myself to believe.

So, is this season a success or failure? I think you can make an argument for both. I’m looking forward to what Matt Rhule does in Year 2 and hoping the team finds its quarterback.