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Nebraska Basketball Shows It’s Versatility in an Impressive 10 Point Win Over Duquesne

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 08 Big Ten Tournament Photo by Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well friends, it is possible that the ten point win over Duquesne could end up being a big win for this program.

It was a tough matchup for this Nebraska Basketball crew. Fred Hoiberg had even said so leading up to the game. He said that Duquesne was the best team Nebraska will have seen this season up to that point. Also, the Duke’s have two common opponents with the Huskers and the scores were quite comparable.

I think this will be a big win. Even if it isn’t considered by the NCAA committee to a big win or a quad-whatever type win, I think this was great for this team because of the way Duquesne played.

But the way Duquesne plays also probably lead to their demise. The Dukes flew around and played high pressure man-to-man. They would double the post (down low) and just fly around. You could tell this would be a problem for Nebraska as they went into halftime down by two.

In the second half the Nebraska offense still went through the post players but it by getting the ball to Rienk Mast or Josiah Allick in the high post area. This made those pesky double teams more difficult.

However, in the second half all that flying around led to foul trouble for the Dukes. This is when Nebraska gapped them almost to a 20 point lead until those foul troubled Dukes came back in and got it down to 7. Nebraska held them off and found a way to win by ten and I think Nebraska fans should tip their glass to his Husker squad for this win.

Who knows. I could be an important one.