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The Nebraska Football vs Iowa Preview You’re Looking For!

Stephen Bruce

Scott Dochterman, who covers the Iowa Hawkeyes for The Athletic, joined me for a half-hour preview of the Nebraska - Iowa rivalry match this Friday.

Scott didn’t have a lot of free time, so I was limited on the amount of witty banter, so instead, I chose to dive right into the important Iowa football questions for which you want answers.

Hard- Hitting Investigative Journalism questions like these!!!!

  • Will this be Captain Kirk’s last season at Iowa?
  • What will his offense look like after Brian Ferentz is gone?
  • How much does Cooper DeJean being out hurt Iowa?
  • Has Deacon Hill improved at quarterback since replacing the injured Cade McNamara?
  • Does Iowa had a speedy deep threat?
  • Is punter Tory Taylor the most important Hawkeye?
  • Does Scott purposefully troll Husker fans on twitter? (“Caitlin Clark effect” - you know what I’m talking about!)
  • Where does Scott see Iowa being most vulnerable?

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