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Big Ten Football Rankings - Week 11 - The Fun 2023 Season Comes to a Close

We were introduced to a lot of bad football and so much more.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 Ohio State at Minnesota

Okay folks, this is the last week of the regular season. We have three teams that are fighting for bowl eligibility. Three have no chance. Eight have already punched their ticket. Having eleven possible teams in bowls would be nice. Considering most of the conference is trash this could be a task.

The big game this week is Ohio State Vs. Michigan. You all know this. It’s apart of conference lore. It will determine who beats Iowa in the Big Ten Championship. Fun times in the conference that puts you to sleep.

Next week I will rank every singe one of the teams for the end of season poll. I look forward to it...

The Top 3

1. Michigan (11-0 Overall 8-0 Conference) Beat Maryland 31-24

  • Nice 1000th win...I’m keeping you here. Probably shouldn’t, but I am.

2. Ohio State (11-0 Overall 8-0 Conference) Beat Minnesota 37-3

  • Ohio State, you are in prime form right now. Perfect time of the year to be running on all cylinders.

3. Penn State (9-2 Overall 6-2 Conference) Beat Rutgers 27-6

  • I hope you get a nice offensive coordinator for Christmas.

IOWA (Yes, Iowa has held on to it’s category to finish the season)

4. Iowa (9-2 Overall 6-2 Conference) Beat Illinois 15-13

  • “Ferentz” is Iowan for someone who can squeak away wins and no one knows how or why. Maybe it’s those Maid-Rite sandwiches you can buy at Iowa gas stations? Or, maybe it’s the breakfast pizzas you can buy at Iowa gas stations? Maybe it’s Iowa gas?

Pile of Hot Garbage Just Got More Garbage (In Alphabetical Order)

Illinois (5-6 Overall 3-5 Conference) Lost to #16 Iowa 13-15

  • You came so close. So close to beating Iowa. But no, none for you. You have one more chance to become bowl eligible against a surprisingly hot Northwestern.

Indiana (3-8 Overall 1-7 Conference) Lost to Michigan State 21-24

  • There’s fight in you. You have proved that these past few weeks. Is it enough to beat Purdue this week?

Maryland (6-5 Overall 3-5 Conference) Lost to #3 Michigan 24-31

  • The Terps are better than people give them credit for. Locksley has done something nice in College Park. It will be interesting to see what they do next season.

Michigan State (4-7 Overall 2-6 Conference) Beat Indiana 24-21

  • A late season run has put a smile on Sparty’s face. However, too late to become bowl eligible. Enjoy the coaching search.

Minnesota (5-6 Overall 3-5 Conference) Lost to #2 Ohio State 3-37

  • No one expected you to win this game against OSU. You now have one more game to make it to a bowl. Can you beat Wisconsin?

Nebraska (5-6 Overall 3-5 Conference) Lost to Wisconsin 17-24

  • The Huskers are playing a war of attrition. This week they play a Iowa team who thrives on that. It’s a must win for the Huskers.

Northwestern (6-5 Overall 4-4 Conference) Beat Purdue 23-15

  • Northwestern is bowl eligible. They have a new head coach. No one would have picked them to have a winning record let alone playing in a bowl with their interim at the beginning this season. Also, the Evanston city council approved the building of the new stadium. The NIMBY’s lost. Congrats!

Purdue (3-8 Overall 2-6 Conference) Lost to Northwestern 15-23

  • It’s battle of the worst records in the conference as Indiana comes to West Lafayette this week to battle for The Old Oaken Bucket. I hope there is whiskey in it.

Rutgers (6-5 Overall 3-5 Conference) Lost to Penn State 6-27

  • Rutgers, you’re not too bad of a team at all. I really didn’t want to drop you down to the Hot Garbage pile but three straight losses will do that in this conference. Like Maryland, I find hope in you for next season.

Wisconsin (6-5 Overall 4-4 Conference) Beat Nebraska 24-17

  • Not too shabby of a year for a first year head coach. Hopefully you can take the Axe back from Minnesota this week. Wisky is on a two game losing streak to the Gophers. Maybe this is the year they pull it off?