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Corn Nation Over Reaction: Hello Darkness My Old Friend, the Losses Mounting Up Again

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska has lost three straight after improving to 5-3 following Saturday’s 24-17 overtime loss in Wisconsin.

This week, Hoss and Greg discuss the game, and predictably, spend a ton of time dissecting Nebraska’s last drive. Huskers have the ball on the Badger 26 yard line with ninety-five seconds left in the game, three timeouts, trailing the home team by three points.

The Huskers settled for a field goal, tying the game with four seconds left, forcing overtime.

We know the rest.

But believe it or not, the guys are on opposite sides of the clock management, play it safe or go-for-the-win approach.

Hoss takes umbrage with some play-calling on both sides of the ball. But let’s not overlook that the defense stood tall in the second half and provided the offense with the opportunity to mount a comeback.

Iowa is all that stands in the way of Nebraska’s return to post-season football, a 6-win season, and bowl eligibility.

And those bastards just won the Big Ten West.