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Instant Reaction to Nebraska’s Amazingly Disappointing 24-17 Loss to Wisconsin in OT

Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

It looked like an early ass-kicking by Nebraska. The first quarter was probably the best quarter of overall football Nebraska has played in quite some time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t sustainable.

Nebraska went for a 4th and 2 in Badger territory, got stuffed, and momentum went back to Wisconsin who scored 17 straight points.

You could say, “They should have taken the points.”

If Nebraska gets the fourth down there, they probably score again, go up 21-0, and Wisconsin might fold. This is exactly why Luke Fickell went for the fourth down conversions when he did. If Nebraska’s defense folds there, Wisconsin seals the game.

So... a lot of second guessing. As usual.

The most disturbing part of the game was the end of regulation. Nebraska has three timeouts, but we let time roll without taking a timeout. Did we play for OT?

If so, I hate that.

Maybe others have different opinions. Let’s hear ‘em!!!