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Nebraska Football: You Hate Your Offensive Coordinator! (But He’s Not Going Anywhere)

Nebraska v Illinois Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Wow, so much discussion over one play.

It reminds me of how much you hate your offensive coordinator, “YOU” being everyone in college football. Not just Nebraska fans. EVERYONE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

ChatGPT Summary (with comments by myself):

Matt Rhule has made it clear that he will not be firing Marcus Satterfield, the offensive coordinator, despite potential backlash. He suggests that such frequent changes in coaching do not contribute to the building of a successful team. Rhule acknowledges the fans’ frustration, particularly with decisions that lead to losses, like the interception in the Maryland game, but he emphasizes the importance of hindsight and the reality that outcomes are only clear after the event. He also debates the notion of just running the ball, pointing out the limitations of Nebraska’s offensive line and the need for a varied offense to develop a competitive team.

Rhule further addresses the fixation on firing staff as a solution to mistakes, questioning whether such a mentality is productive or reasonable. He argues that Nebraska is only a competent quarterback away from being a decent team and that there have been improvements, like fewer false starts and penalties. He sees these as positive signs, despite the tough losses, and calls for patience and recognition of the team’s positive direction.

He (He? He as in Matt Rhule? I don’t think so.) closes by inviting discussion, thanking his audience for their support, reminding them to subscribe to the channel, and announcing a discount for merchandise in November, ending with a cheer for the team.

Full Transcript:

Matt Rhule came out today and said there’s no chance of him firing Marcus Satterfield, our beloved offensive coordinator. I know this probably makes many of you angry, but he also followed it up with, “How has firing people around here gone for you?” Then he added, “It’s ridiculous.” Quite frankly, I agree with him. Firing Satterfield, as I’ve said before, would result in Nebraska’s fourth offensive coordinator in four years. That’s not how you build continuity, championship teams, or success.

I know there are many of you who just hate the guy. He made some wrong decisions, and you think he’s never going to be any good. You hate your offensive coordinator. Congratulations. So does everyone else who doesn’t have a team full of four and five-star recruits. If you look nationwide, that’s pretty much the case.

Regarding the Maryland game, the intercepted pass play could have resulted in a field goal or a touchdown, but it didn’t. Nebraska got no points, and Maryland scored a field goal to win. It’s frustrating, especially since I would have preferred that we ran the ball. But hindsight is 20-20. Everyone complains about the play that led to the turnover, saying Nebraska should have run the ball. And yes, I don’t disagree. But let’s consider this: if Nebraska had run the ball and failed to make it into the end zone, we would still be complaining.

Remember the two-yard touchdown by Jan-Aram Bonner? That was an excellent play, and if it hadn’t succeeded, we’d be criticizing that too. And about the intercepted play: if we had kicked a field goal instead, Maryland might still have won. Fans tend to complain, win or lose. For instance, the defense was criticized even though Maryland was successfully moving the ball before the turnover.

Some people suggest we should just run the ball all the time, but we don’t have the line for that. This isn’t the 90s or 80s; rules have changed. And if we just run the ball, it’s a quick way to exhaust our defense.

As for getting to a bowl game, if we’re not going to practice plays we’d use in games, what’s the point of extra practices? And learning a new offense like the single wing at this stage isn’t practical. Restricting the offense limits the experience our players need.

We’re not far from being a decent team. The issue is at quarterback. Even with a beat-up offensive line and a lack of receivers, a serviceable quarterback could lead us to many wins. We’ve seen improvements, like fewer false starts and stupid penalties, and we’re returning punts more effectively. These are positive signs, despite the frustrating losses.

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Thank you again, and go Big Red.