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Nebraska Football: The Most Positive News I Can Give You - Something Good Is Happening!

Stephen Bruce

It was an extremely tough loss against Maryland. Husker fans across the world are talking about the pass that shouldn’t have been.

FIRE MARCUS SATTERFIELD seems to be the rallying cry for many a Husker fan right now!

Out of that frustration comes clarity I will present tonight at 7 pm!

It was a well-attended show. The commenters kept things flowing with discussion about everything from Marcus Satterfield to Nebraska’s quarterbacks to the IRS shutting down NIL at some point because it looks too much like money laundering.

The good news is - There has been so much talk about one play the past couple days.

What is positive is what we’re not talking about.

We’re not talking about false starts, holding calls, stupid personal foul penalties, or punt returns (we didn’t have a lot of chances against Maryland but at least we tried).

This team, warts and all, is a QB away from being decent.

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