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Big Ten Football Rankings - Week 11 - It’s Michigan & Ohio State’s World and We Are Just Living in It

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Michigan at Penn State Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ohio State is finally looking like a real world beater. Michigan is doing just fine with coach Harbaugh sitting in a hotel room drinking milk.

This is the world we live in.

Penn State, should be up there. They are roughly one good offensive coordinator away from that level. At least, that’s what it looks like. The powers that be must agree with me because they canned Mike Yurcich after the loss to Michigan this weekend.

It wasn’t a blowout but not great either. Penn State wants to be a big boy. This game proves they are not there yet. It was enough to realize that something needs to be done in Happy Valley to make them a Big Ten title contender.

As for the rest. Iowa keeps winning. Rutgers is slipping. And the rest is still Hot Garbage.

This is the conference of Wolverines and Buckeyes. Sorry folks, it just is.

Kinda reminds me of our old conference...

The Top 3

1. Michigan (10-0 Overall 7-0 Conference) Beat #10 Penn State 24-15

  • Even without a head coach, you took care of business in Happy Valley.

2. Ohio State (10-0 Overall 7-0 Conference) Beat Michigan State 38-10

  • It was very nice of you to call off the horses against Rutgers in the second half.

3. Penn State (8-2 Overall 4-2 Conference) Lost to #2 Michigan 15-24

  • It’s time for a new offensive coordinator.

IOWA (Yes, Iowa still get’s it own category)

4. Iowa (8-2 Overall 5-2 Conference) Beat Rutgers 0-22

  • I have nothing here. I am not looking forward to the Black Friday game against Nebraska. Whatever it will be, it will not be pretty football. Am I going to the game? Yes....

RUTGERS (For at least another week)

5. Rutgers (6-4 Overall 3-3 Conference) Lost to Iowa 0-22

  • You kept Iowa at bay for three quarters. Nice job. Then you made their offense look somewhat awake. You have Penn State this week and then Maryland the following. You have to at least pull one off or you will end the season in Hot Garbage.

Pile of Hot Garbage Is Getting Pretty Bad And There Is A Lot of Compacting In It (In Alphabetical Order)

Illinois (5-5 Overall 3-4 Conference) Beat Indiana 48-45 (OT)

  • Didn’t watch, and I don’t care. Good job Bert. Now see what you can do against Iowa and a Northwestern team that looks semi-competent. You are now in the hunt for the Big Ten West Title!

Indiana (3-7 Overall 1-6 Conference) Lost to Illinois 45-48 (OT)

  • You came close to have a two game winning streak. Maybe you can pull a win off against Sparty this week? Look at the bright side. It is now basketball season.

Maryland (5-4 Overall 2-4 Conference) Beat Nebraska 13-10

  • This is what a team who has an offense looks like. Taulia, you’ve got moves and an eye for receivers. I was impressed. Side note, Old Bay is overrated.

Michigan State (3-7 Overall 1-6 Conference) Lost to #3 Ohio State 38-3

  • I hope you had fun with Ohio State. Just don’t lose to Indiana this wekk.

Minnesota (5-5 Overall 3-4 Conference) Lost to Purdue 30-49

  • Haha, no seriously. What are you doing?

Nebraska (5-5 Overall 3-4 Conference) Lost to Maryland 10-13

  • The defense deserves better. Also, I hope the QB’s have good health insurance.

Northwestern (5-5 Overall 3-4 Conference) Beat Wisconsin 24-10

  • Holy cow, I think NW has found it’s next football coach. I’m guessing it won’t cost a lot either.

Purdue (3-7 Overall 2-5 Conference) Beat Minnesota 40-39

  • Watch, they somehow end up winning out and making the Big Ten Championship. I’m probably mathematically wrong but stranger things have happened. Maybe if we all believe really hard, we can will it into existence.

Wisconsin (5-5 Overall 3-4 Conference) Lost to Northwestern 24-10

  • First you lost to lame duck coach Tim Allen and Indiana. Now you lose to Northwestern and their interim coach? Also, really curious when the Air Raid kicks in. So far there are only 8 passing touchdowns. Not bad but no where near Air Raid greatness. Mike Leach is sitting somewhere and not impressed. Probably drinking coffee next to Geronimo and watching Howard Stern.