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Nebraska Volleyball is #1 in more than the National Rankings

#1 in our hearts and #1 Sports Center highlight November 13th

Hamilton Reinbold

Nebraska is:

#1 in the American Volleyball Coaches Association Poll
#1 in Poll
#1 Highlight for Sports Center November 13th
#1 in the hearts of fans in Nebraska
#1 in their belief that they can win no matter the situation

During set four, just after the Huskers lost a close set three, the score was 10-7, this set was still in doubt, when Lexi Rodriguez dug a hard driven ball. Laney Choboy made a move for it too and was on her knees when Rodriguez’s dig traveled backwards.

Choboy was on her feet quickly and at top speed running toward the stands. She reaches the edge of the floor, keeps her feet in contact with the floor (rules say she must contact the ball while on the playing surface) and extends her arms into the stands to bring the ball back into play.

Rodriguez sends the ball over the net, Illinois sets their right side attacker and Harper Murray buries the ball on the Illinois side of the net with her block. The eruption of the crowd, celebration by the team and energy in the Devaney Center is electric.

This play is the #1 play on Sports Center today and it has some to do with the athletic skill but it has WAY more to do with the deep belief that these players have in themselves.

I can get to that ball!

Rodriguez knew she could get to that ball. The whole team knew she could get to that ball. Look at the way they followed her to the stands. They were there to make the third contact because the KNEW she could get to the ball in make a play.

Harper Murray makes great blocks on a regular basis and she always gives her full effort but after Choboy makes this dive, Murray has more to give. The block that Murray made which ended this play was technically excellent and could be part of a highlight reel as well. She made this block for her teammate. She knew the gravity of the play that Choboy made and Murray had an inch more extension in her arms to finish the play, FOR HER TEAM.

Laney Choboy made the play the diving play and she should be celebrated but her teammates went with her and had belief. I will follow a good leader anywhere, just to see where they are going. That belief will lead to more celebrations in the future as this team pushes each other to next levels. And we get to watch it! GBR!!