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Instant Gut Reaction To Nebraska’s 13-10 Turnover-Filled Loss To Maryland

It was exhausting. And a loss.

Maryland v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I’m sure there will be plenty of blame placed upon Marcus Satterfield for calling the pass that Chubba Purdy threw to the other team near the end zone that likely cost Nebraska the game. I’m sure there will be plenty calling for him to be fired because that’s what we do after a loss like this - scream for a pound of flesh.

I’m not sure how you blame Satterfield for the loss when all three quarterbacks combined for five turnovers. You’d have to expect that your quarterbacks were at least serviceable, but in this case, they are not.

It’s too bad, too, because this team is a decent quarterback from doing good things.

Nebraska fell to 5-5, Maryland became bowl-eligible at 6-6. Maryland is happy. Nebraska is sad and filled with anxiety.

There’s a chance Nebraska could get a bowl at 5-7, and I’m sure there are plenty who will say we don’t deserve it.

Well, screw you. This defense deserves it. They held Maryland to 13 points, which should be enough to win any game. Unfortunately, the cascade of turnovers doomed Nebraska.

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