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Week 11 Predictions: Terps at Huskers

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 19 Maryland at Nebraska Photo by John Peterson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Mike: A late season ACC/Big XII football game... Er, even though NU has played UCLA and Colorado more than they’ve played Maryland since both joined the Big Ten, this is still a B1G game. So B1G we get to watch on NBC’s streaming surface. At least it’s cheaper than the old Big XII $39.99 pay-per-view games back in the day, though I do feel for the retirees who have to depend on their grandchildren to get them hooked up to Peacock for this week’s game.

Tyler: Since the Huskers have a couple of tilts in various sports on Peacock this month, I feel like the monthly fee is worth the price. When I'm behind on my Christmas shopping next month and I'm selling Plasma to buy my kids unnecessary indulgences for the holiday season, I might have a different point of view.

Andy: I feel I’ve vented enough about Peacock, so those rotten bast-

Anyway, Tiger Tom’s has the app set up on the TV and the Touchtunes jukebox tech guy is gonna try and make it out before kickoff to get it hooked into the surround sound. Sounds like he’s killing himself trying to get bars set up that way, poor sumbitch. We can hope. I need volume to drown out my inevitable Deadwood-era cursing.


Mike: Yup. That’s the last time the Turtles came to Lincoln. Also the last time Nebraska had a winning record this late in the season. Meeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmories...

Jarek: Joke is on all of you, I already use Peacock for the Premier League, as well as fantastic shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Superstore and Brooklyn 99. So I have zero problems with it being on Peacock. Seeing how basketball will end up there eventually too, I say bring it on!

Patrick: Peacock is a very good app and is very user friendly. The Huskers will have three men’s basketball games on it this winter.

Indiana (+6.5) at Illinois

Patrick: University of Illinois 23 University of Indiana 21

Mike: Bert versus Dead Coach Walking. Illinois can’t win at home. Indiana can’t win away from home. Who actually wants to see this game? Illini 24 Hoos-yer next coach 16

Andy: I’m gonna take Indiana on the spread as even before the Wiscy upset, they’ve battled. Yeah, Michigan tore them up, but…well…you know. Illinois though is finding ways to win close and seems to have put that Purdue blowout in their rearview. Illini 21 Hoosherz 19

Jarek: Well, who saw Indiana beating Wisconsin? I don’t believe I did. Having said that, Illinois has an actual starting QB...sort that should help make the difference. Indiana loses in a squeaker. Illinois 27 Indiana 24

Jill: last week was weird, but welcomed when the Hoosiers beat the Badgers. Do they have another one in them? I don't think so. Fightin Berts 34 Hoosiers 21

Jon: I can’t imagine Indiana winning this game. OTOH, I couldn’t fathom Indiana beating Wisconsin either. Key difference - this game is at Illinois. BERT 34, Indiana 21

Rutgers (+1) at Iowa

Patrick: University of Iowa 9 Rutgers University 6

Tyler: I was wrong last week in thinking the Wildcats would hand the Squawkeyes the first of 4 straight losses. How about losses in the next 3? Schiano Knights 17 Squawks 16

Mike: Vegas keeps moving the O/U on Iowa games lower, and Iowa keeps going lower. 28 is the lowest over/under total for a college football game in the 21st century. And it’s still not low enough. Rutgers 14, Squawkeyes 8

Andy: Select quotes from a betting service email:

“Iowa is poised to set yet another “betting odds” record this week. The current over/under for Iowa-Rutgers is 28 at, which would be the lowest game total in college football dating back to the website’s launch in 1998.

Six games since 2000 have had a total less than 34, five of which have come from Iowa matchups, including the team’s last two outings (vs. Minnesota, vs. Northwestern).”

College Football Lowest Totals

Iowa-Minnesota (2023) 30.5
Iowa-Minnesota (2022) 31.5
Iowa-Kentucky (2022) 31.5
Army-Navy (2022) 32
Iowa-Northwestern (2023) 32.5
Army-Air Force (2023) 32.5

These are the six lowest Over/Unders since 2000. I will miss Brian Ferentz. Also, the luck runs out. Rutgers 13 The HWCU 10

Jarek: Despite playing one exhibition game at Kinnick, I still think Caitlin Clark scores more points than Iowa football does by the end of the season. In Clark’s defense, she could have scored 3 and it may very well been enough. Rutgers as a +1 almost seems like a slap in the face. Give me the Scarlet Knights and the under. Rutgers 14 Iowa 10

Jill: Iowa is the polar opposite of Frost's Huskers. They shouldn't win but they do. However, Rutgers is a team with an actual pulse. Knights 9 Hawkeyes 6

Jon: I really want Rutgers to win this, but Iowa has that one guy, Cooper Dejean, who can truly wreck a game. As much as I hate Iowa, Dejean has to be one of the top 5 players in the nation. One punt return wins this. Iowa 10, Rutgers 6

Minnesota (+1) at Purdue

Patrick: University of Minnesota 17 Purdue University 12

Tyler: Purdue, while not pulseless, doesn't have enough in Year 1 to take this game. Enjoy it, Khaki Boy. You lose your next two. Goofs 21 Boiled Taters 17

Mike: Well, this line doesn’t make any sense. Goofers 31, Boilers 17

Andy: Agreed, odd line - so let’s pretend the bookies know something. Did Peej not share enough Fleck Bucks? Might be shave time in West Lafayette - Shot & a Beer 30 The Fightin’ Flecks 22

Jarek: Minnesota is an underdog? Really? Purdue hasn’t looked all that great, but neither has Minnesota. That being said, Minnesota is definitely the better team in my opinion. I believe I’m proven correctly. Minnesota 24 Purdue 20

Jill: I think Minnesota is the better team. But I'm going to pick Purdue. I dunno why. Boilers 19 Gophers 17

Jon: Minnesota’s season hasn’t gone well. Their quarterback hasn’t risen to potential. Their backs are good, but not great. Their defense is all over the board. And it’s on the road. Purdue 28, Minnesota 27

Michigan (-4.5) at Penn State

Patrick: Pennsylvania State University 27 University of Michigan 21

Tyler: It really seems super dumb that a team this talented needed to steal signs to be relevant and in contention for CFPs. But then again your talking to a New England Patriots fan whose lived through Spygate and Deflategate. Those seemed as stupid to me then as this is now. Harbaugh-less or not. Wolverines get the W. Could we see a potential National Championship Team stripped of their title in our lifetime? Watch on. Wolvies 37 Kittie Lions 24

Mike: Unless the Big Ten surprises us with a last minute suspension of coach KhakiPants, I don’t think the scandal is going to play a negative factor for That Team Up North. (I originally wrote this Friday afternoon, then hours later. BOOM! Jimbo has to watch the game at the hotel unless the Weasels attorneys can convince the former Michigan player to grant them a injunction against the Big Ten.) James Franklin doesn’t win these types of games. Weasels 31, Nitts 24

Andy: So Michigan has requested an restraining order for Harbaugh’s suspension where a Michigan graduate judge can rule on it before the game without hearing any arguments - isn’t the legal system grand?? Anyway, I can only pick winner, no way I could pick a side. Dirty Perverts 26 Dirty Cheaters 23

Jarek: James Franklin is long overdue for an upset win over Michigan and Ohio State. He failed at the first attempt, and unfortunately, I think he fails here too. I pray JJ McCarthy has a better “Free Harbaugh” t-shirt than that last monstrosity he had. Maybe someone actually made him a shirt, so he doesn’t look absolutely stupid with a piece of athletic tape and a marker written on it. Desmond Howard still blows. Michigan 31 Penn State 17

Jill: Present

Jon: Michigan is truly “hasn’t played anybody” while Penn State has the best defense in the nation. Still, Franklin’s offense isn’t exactly dynamic/explosive. My heart says Penn State (the entire nation will be rooting for them). My head says Michigan. Cheating Weasels 24, Other team with a much worse scandal not that long ago 21

Maryland (-2) at Nebraska

Patrick: University of Nebraska 32 University of Maryland 24

Tyler: Losing for the first time in a while, in a close loss, might have brought back some painful memories for fans. It was not a pleasant week. But we have a chance yet again for bowl eligiblity and, surprisingly, still in conversation for the West. A win versus a 5-4 Maryland team that's as talented offensively as we've seen in a while. I think this team wants to prove it can take care of business with a team their a slight underdog against too. Edge to the Huskers for being at home on this one. It still won't look as pretty as we want. But, we'll be going Bowling. Huskers 30 Terrapins 28

Mike: Maryland’s five game winning streak to open the season is ancient history at this point. The Huskers are too strong on defense, and I think Nebraska’s offense bounces back this week. Huskers 24, Turtles 17

Andy: Here we go - the Who Wants It Less Bowl! The combined November records of these schools would have had them both relegated to FCS by now if this was soccer.

Many folks are speaking of Maryland as being unstoppable. That’s 1st 4-5 games Maryland. The one we’re playing has lost 4 straight including defeats at the hands of Illinois and Northwestern. Their defenses aren’t as good as ours.

There’s a few things which need to clean up this week (including horrendously field position-changing punting no one’s talking about), but let’s keep it witchy and say their November issues are worse than ours. Huskers 28 Turtles 17

Jarek: To me, this game hinges on two things, stopping the pass and quit turning the damn ball over. I will shout myself hoarse on the second one because no one can hear me through my TV, but that won’t stop me. I’m a determined man. If Nebraska’s pass defense can stop Taulia, then Nebraska should be ok...I hope. Nebraska, barely. Nebraska 17 Maryland 14

Jill: This game may have more turnovers than Iowa - Rutgers has points. If the Blackshirts can get their hands on the ball and maybe even take on some of the scoring duties, I like Nebraska's chances to get that elusive sixth win. Huskers 30 Terps 20

Jon: I am sure Tony White got after the defense. They’ll be “unleashed” against Maryland, something I am excited to see. Nebraska wins this game handily if they don’t turn the ball over. That’s it. That’s the key. Can our beloved Huskers do it? Kind of. Nebraska 24, Maryland 17