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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Maryland

The Terps are going to have a long, sad trip home.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Just when I was getting confident in my crystal ball reading capabilities, a game like last week comes along and humbles me.

Never fear though Husker faithful, because I’m going to be on target this week.

Trust me, I’m right 56% of the time, every time.

Here are the reasons the Huskers are sure to walk away as winners:


Normally I’d save a reason like this for the last one, but I think it’s important to note that Husker fans have been waiting for nearly 7 years for a bowl game.

We need this win. It has to happen. We will probably explode into stardust and float off into the extremities of the Milky Way if the game goes the other way. So for all that is good in this world, Nebraska will win.


After starting the season 5-0, Maryland has lost it’s last four games. They are on a slippery slope and they are going to continue to slide right down that hill to another loss.


After a less than ideal game against Michigan State last week, the Husker defense is looking to make some big plays this week and be the difference maker in the game once again.

With Maryland’s passing attack the defense is going to have to step up and prove that they have what it takes to win this game. Last week, too many long passes got past the Husker secondary, that’s not happening this week.

Expect some big plays from Quinton Newsome and Tommi Hill. Isaac Gifford will also be flying around doing Isaac Gifford things and this secondary is going to hold up well.

I also expect to see a big push at the line t and several sacks. The Polar Bear and Co are going to give Tauila Tagovailoa a run for his money.


Speaking of running, while this Maryland defense is very good against the run, Emmett Johnson had some good runs the last few weeks. The Huskers will need him along with Anthony Grant and Joshua Fleeks to use their physicality to get something going with the run game.


While Maryland is stout against the run, their passing coverage is not as good. Nebraska’s young receivers are getting more confident as time goes on and the Huskers are going to need them to step it up and make plays to put them ahead on Saturday.

Here’s to Nebraska’s sixth win of the season.

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.