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Big Ten Football Rankings - Week 6 - Best Team Ever!

No shuffle this week. Once again.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Minnesota Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

I struggled to move anyone around in the top seven. Yes, Maryland was the only team to lose. However it was to highly ranked OSU. I am also not so sure that they are any worse than Iowa Or Wisconsin.

Rutgers lost but they lost to Wisconsin and I don’t feel like they are a hot garbage type team.

There might be a little bit of a shakeup this week as Wisconsin plays Iowa on Saturday.

As for the Hot Garbage half of the conference, no one is moving out anytime soon.

Michigan stays #1 as PJ Fleck thinks their the greatest team he has ever gone up against.


1. Michigan (6-0 Overall 3-0 Conference) Beat Minnesota 52-10

  • Last Week #1 - No move
  • Take this for what it’s worth.

2. Penn State (5-0 Overall 3-0 Conference) Bye

  • Last Week #2 - No Move
  • I hope you took your bye week and healed up. You know, to take on UMass this week. Oh man, the Minutemen are going to die.

3. Ohio State (5-0 Overall 2-0 Conference) Beat Maryland 37-17

  • Last Week #3 - No Move
  • Hey OSU, Maryland is a good team this year. However, the rest of us are all waiting for you to wake up and play a complete game.

4. Maryland (5-1 Overall 2-1 Conference) Lost to Ohio State 17-37

  • Last Week #4 - No Move
  • Maryland, you hand a nice five game winning streak. That was great. You went up against one of the Big Ten’s best. It’s okay. Go lick your wounds and beat up on Illinois this week.

5. Wisconsin (4-1 Overall 2-0 Conference) Beat Rutgers 24-13

  • Last Week #5 - No Move
  • It’s okay, the score was close but Rutgers is a decent team this year. Enjoy playing the Boring Bowl against Iowa this week.

6. Iowa (5-1 Overall 2-1 Conference) Beat Purdue 20-14

  • Last week #6 - No Move
  • I don’t think Brian Ferentz’s offense is going to get to average 25 points per game this year. I’m also starting to think that none of it will matter in the end as I’m hearing rumblings that he will most likely not be fired regardless of their ppg.

7. Rutgers (4-2 Overall 1-2 Conference) Lost to Wisconsin 13-24

  • Last Week #7 - No Move
  • Nice try against Wisky. Pull one off against Michigan state this week and I “might” just jump you up in the rankings. That also greatly depends upon what those above you do this weekend.

Damp Smoldering Garbage (In Alphabetical Order)

Illinois (2-3 Overall 0-3 Conference) Lost to Nebraska 7-27

  • You had so many opportunities to make this a relatively competitive game against Nebraska.

Indiana (2-3 Overall 0-2 Conference) Bye

  • You play Michigan this week.

Michigan State (2-3 Overall 0-2 Conference) Bye

  • You really needed this past week off. Good luck playing a plucky Rutgers squad.

Minnesota (3-3 Overall 1-2 Conference) Lost to Michigan 10-52

  • I have no idea what to make of you right now.

Nebraska (3-3 Overall 1-2 Conference) Beat Illinois 20-7

  • You really wanted to give this game to Illinois. Lucky for you, they didn’t want it.

Northwestern (3-3 Overall 0-2 Conference) Beat Howard (FCS) 23-20

  • This might be your last win of the year. Then again, stranger things have happed. I’m still shocked you have three wins.

Purdue (2-4 Overall 2-2 Conference) Lost to Iowa 14-20

  • Nice job getting a touchdown in the last three minutes of the Iowa game to make this look competitive.