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Instant Reaction: Nebraska’s FUGLY 20-7 Win Over Illinois

Nebraska v Illinois Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Nebraska wins a pretty damned ugly game over the Fighting Illini from Illinois. It was a very long game that featured both teams trying their best to give the game away to the other team.

Our beloved Huskers had so many chances to put this game away, but instead chose to turn the ball over repeatedly. It made you anxious, didn’t it?

As much as it played on your anxiety, let me be clear - there was NO POINT in this game where Illinois was going to win.

Nebraska’s defense gave up one big play, and that was it. The rest of the game featured the Blackshirt defense stuffing Illinois repeatedly.

You can choose to feel bad about this game if you want.

I’m sure many will. But it was a win AND it was another excellent game by the defense.

Most importantly, it keeps Nebraska on track to get to a bowl game this season.