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Week 6 Predictions: Huskers at Illini

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 16 Penn State at Illinois
Bert is doing his best Mark Mangino impersonation.
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Mike: Nothing like that traditional Friday rivalry game known by all as “Nebrnois”.

Patrick: Who likes bad football?

Tyler: Good thing the high school football game I plan on watching starts at 3 PM instead of 7 PM today. College Football on Friday nights is an abomination.

Nate M: If Nebraska loses and it looks bad then I suggest shutting off your computer, phone and TV and go for a long walk in the dark with only your thoughts to keep you company.

Andy: What a horrible way to react to a loss on a Friday night. When that gun sounds, put it behind you, sink a couple of your favorite refreshments and start the party, Daddy!

Red River Rivalry

Texas (-6.5) vs. Oklahoma at the Cotton Bowl

Mike: One final tilt as Big XII teams. This series is known for upsets. Did I say “upset”? Yes I did! Boomers 45, Bovines 37

Jarek: This one is usually a good one to watch, even when one/both teams are bad. Both teams are really good this year, so it should be even better. As much as I hate to predict Texas winning, I will. Texas 41 Oklahoma 37

Patrick: University of Texas 21 University of Oklahoma 12

Tyler: Can they both lose? What happened to the good ol' fashioned tie? Texas is loaded with talent, and while I like Dillon Gabriel, not enough Defense to stop Quinn Ewers & Co. Longhorns: 42 Sooners: 32

Nate M: I’m picking the winner in this game.

Andy: Ah, the Red River Shootout! That romantic weekend when the streets and gutters of Dallas run with vomit, cops on horses billy club drunks who stray outside the sawhorse barriers and crosswalk stripes, and tequila-blinded shitheads with love in their hearts occasionally proposition those horses. And then in the week following the contest, downtown window repair spikes to its annual high.

The game? Dillon Gabriel may have missed last year’s daddy-spanking, but he’s not single-handedly making up that 49-point deficit against an improved Longhorns squad. Tejas 41 Okies 27

Two Ugly Teams in Black and Yellow

Purdue (+2.5) at Iowa

Mike: Purdue’s defense is significantly improved with Ryan Walters, and they have a functioning offense. Iowa has a great defense...but a Brian Ferentz offense that now has to go with a backup quarterback. There is no joy in bumblebee overalls this week. Choo! Choo! Boilers 24, Squawkeyes 19

Jarek: Losing Cade MacNamara pretty much guarantees Iowa's offense will be laughable the rest of the way, The defense and special teams can do some damage, but it can't carry them every game. Purdue 27 Iowa 17

Patrick: University of Iowa 10 Purdue University 9

Tyler: Can you really call it an upset if Purdue wins this game? One team still has their starting QB. I couldn't even remember the Hawkeyes Backup QB's name. Ugly game. Defenses will dominate the day. Boilermakers: 13 Hawkeyes: 6

Nate M: Do we want Iowa or Purdue to win? Purdue seems to be finding a way to win right now at least against Illinois. Iowa is starting a new quarterback who their media has been pumping up all week. Purdue wins by 10.

Andy: I’m not yet seeing the Ryan Walters effect on a Purdue defense which is giving up 30 points and 400 yards per game. However, they should look like a Georgia/Bama squad rolled into one against Baby Brian’s special-needs offensive “attack”. Squawkeye fans bemoan the loss of Cade McNamara but there will likely be a small drop-off from the Michigan transfer handoff specialist who was only completing passes at a 51% clip of which - SHOCKER- two-thirds were going to running backs & tight ends.

Purdue’s offense, however, will return to its previous Husker-ish levels. Shot & a Beer 15 The Black & Piss 13

Two Ugly Teams in Red and White

Rutgers (+14) at Wisconsin

Mike: I’ve got a weird feeling about this one. My first impulse is to say Badgers, but I think Rutgers is starting to put it together. This one might be closer than Vegas thinks. Badgers 30, Knights 24

Jarek: I agree with you Mike, this one seems oddly close. Rutgers isn't overly fantastic, but I'm still not sure what to make of Wisconsin. I think Tanner Mordecai makes a couple of mistakes, but Wisconsin avoids the upset. Wisconsin 31 Rutgers 21

Patrick: Rutgers University 23 University of Wisconsin 17

Tyler: Things definitely don't look the same in Camp Randall, as in years past. Scarlet Knights come in with momentum and a chance to claim a "signature" Big Ten win. Badgers have too much pride to lose to Rutgers. UoW: 24 Rutgers: 10

Nate M: Pulling for Rutgers. They find a way to win by one.

Andy: I’m going there. The lines and predictions popping in for this seem born more of habit than 2023 game play. It’s a tall order to do it on the road, but the 11am start may cool the crowd’s heels a little as hangovers from Friday roll the student section. Some may fight it with hair of the dog and Bloody Mary’s but I’m still saying Rutgers 21 Wiscy 19

Little Brown Jug

Michigan (-19) at Minnesota

Mike: Sorry, Goldy. Michigan runs away with this in primetime. Weasels 38, Goofers 13

Jarek: Much like last week, I'd be surprised if Michigan doesn't cover here. Minnesota is having a bit of a down year and Michigan looks like it should stroll into November with zero problems. Michigan 41 Minnesota 10

Patrick: University of Michigan 67 University of Minnesota 12

Tyler: Michigan is on a CFP Title Game trajectory or bust. I don't see a complete let-down by the Gophers as what occurred to Northwestern, but the game still isn't that close. WOLVERINES!!!: 38 Gophers: 24

Nate M: We can learn a few things about this game. Is Michigan one of the best teams in the country? Or if Minnesota plays with them then that shows how poorly we played last week. I’m going with Michigan being really good. Michigan by 30.

Andy: I’m going to tack another field goal on that Michigan-Rutgers score. Only putting 13 points on the Goofs looks worse every week for the ‘Skers. Weasels 34 Goofers 7


Nebraska (+3) at Illinois

Mike: I think the noise from outside the program surprised Matt Rhule this week. Can he handle it better than his predecessors? That’s the multi-million dollar question. Some are arguing this is a “must win” game for Rhule. In the macro sense, that’s absurd. But in the scope of 2023 and getting to a bowl game, this is a game Nebraska could really use winning. There are a bunch of winnable games for Nebraska in October, and Illinois definitely misses Ryan Walters. Huskers 21, Illini 16

Jarek: I originally thought Illinois would be a dark horse to win the West, but watching them play most of this season has shown me that probably won't be the case. Nebraska's defense will look to make a statement after getting embarrassed last week, while the offense will look to actually try to score in the first half for a change. Nebraska wins an ugly bastard. Nebraska 24 Illinois 20

Patrick: University of Illinois 12 University of Nebraska 11

Tyler: As much as I want to drink whatever former DC/ST Coach Bill Busch is drinking thinking this is a 3 TD blowout by the Big Red, I'm a realist. NU will look to control the clock by feeding the run game, so look for a low score. Illinois defense near bottom of the barrel in the Conference in the run. Huskers D is more aggressive than the Illini. Altmeyer is as turnover prone as Jeff Sims. I predict it looks ugly at times. But, an ugly win is still a win. Huskers: 21 Fighting Illini: 13

Nate M: Nebraska 24 - Illinois 13. I think a defensive touchdown will seal this game. Hopefully.

Andy: I don’t see a super low-scoring game here. Yes, our offense is...let’s say experiencing growing pains, but Illinois’ defense is well off-brand this season be it the loss of key players and/or Ryan Walters. And its offense hasn’t scored over 23 points since the tight-win opener against Toledo. Also, they are 0-5 against the spread this year.

Reimer and Singleton being out will be felt, so I don’t sense a Blackshirts shutdown, but I think Rhule’s message strikes home and Huskers survive and advance 27-20.


Illinois is favored by three points over the Huskers. What’s your bet?

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    Illinois wins a close one...but doesn’t cover.
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    Illinois wins one for Dick Butkus and covers.
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