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Visiting the Nebraska Football Wishing Well: Five Hopes for the Rest of the Season

NCAA Football: Michigan at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Are wishing wells still a thing? You know as a kid you walked up to one and maybe throw in a penny or a dime and made a wish.

I know we all want them to get to a bowl game and to win win win.

Here are five things I hope happen sometime during the rest of the 2023 Nebraska Football season.

Tommi Hill Breaks One on Offense/Special Teams

You’ve seen it and you have probably heard about the complaints about Tommi Hill getting reps at wide receiver on offense during games. Especially, when they are throwing deep passes to him and running him on reverses. They are trying everything they can to get him the ball because they believe his is their best playmaker.

They also have him returning kickoffs and playing defensive back.

So for my first wish, I want to see all this work pay off for Tommi Hill. I want him to catch a deep ball as he runs by the safety in a big game. Or have him return a kickoff for a touchdown.

Just break one or two the in this second half (plus one game) of the season.

The fact he has played so many snaps on offense truly illustrates the desperate situation they have in the wide receiver room at this point. Speaking of that.

One of the Freshman Wide Receivers Becomes a Weapon

The wide receiver group needs some speed and athleticism on the field. Luckily, they have it in the building in their freshman but as Matt Rhule has said multiple times, it is difficult for young wide receivers to get on the field.

However, as my second wish I would like to see at least one of them become a consistent weapon because that could make all the difference for this offense. If this offense can get a threat on the outside to force the defense to extent a little bit then that makes Thomas Fidone an even more valuable weapon.

Then the running game starts looking better.

Then all the sudden it looks like things are clicking. Then all the sudden Nebraska wins football games.

It’s that simple. Right?

Tristan Alvano Makes a Big Kick

There is nothing better than watching an athlete who is struggling - figure a way out of their struggles to find success.

Right now Alvano, who was a five star kicker out of Westside in Omaha, and a kid who has already hit his fair share of big kicks is currently on the struggle bus.

He is currently 1-4 on field goals for the season.

What’s a better way to get out of the funk than to hit a big kick against one of the seven teams remaining on the schedule. Hopefully, sooner than later.

The Offensive and Defensive Lines Start Wrecking Dudes

Yes please. So much.

One of my biggest takeaways from the Michigan game was that we looked like we didn’t want to be there. There was none of the flying around or nasty hitting that we have seen.

It’s my belief that any nastiness or whatever can start with both the offensive and defensive lines.

We have seen it here and there this season but it definitely was missing in the game against Michigan. It was almost like they were so enamored with the greatness of Michigan that they didn’t want to upset these great athletes in front of them.

They have to be smart about it, but I would really love to see these guys start taking it to the opponent. Be a little nasty. Start wrecking some dudes.

Some Nebraska Fans to Take a Look in the Mirror

Finally. My last wish for this article also served as the inspiration to start this short list of wishes for the season.

I hope some Nebraska fans start taking a look in the mirror and realize their attitude and apparent lack of objectivity is actually hurting the program.

One of the best selling points Nebraska has left is the fan base. We continue to show up and support this program when 99% of other fan bases around the country would have quit a decade ago.

Now we are hearing some fans who are calling for some of these coaches to be fired.

Fired in their first season.

Five games through.

I mean, what are we even talking about?

To be honest, most of these are from accounts on twitter and Facebook. I have not had a single conversation in person or through texting with somebody who wants any of these coaches to be fired. In fact, most, if not all, have been completely supportive of this staff.

They may question certain decisions (Jeff Sims/Heinrich Haarberg) but there is still nothing but support.

But then there are the vocal ones on social media that unfortunately paint this fan base in a way I believe is hurting the program.

I mean, if Minnesota doesn’t complete that fourth down touchdown pass then we are having a completely different conversation about this program. That is the job these coaches signed up for but can we have at least a little bit of perspective when it comes to the job Matt Rhule is trying to do?

Is it upsetting that we saw what Colorado has done and yet Nebraska continues to struggle? Unfortunately, Matt Rhule does not have a college aged son who is good at playing quarterback at a Power Five level.

You take away Shedeur Sanders from Colorado and they might not even have a win this season.

That is not to say we cannot be critical of this staff. I mean, that is part of sports. But the fact that we are already seeing conversations about the idea that we should have hired (insert name) or (insert name) instead of Matt Rhule because you have already seen everything you need to see to make an objective conclusion about this staff.

You are so smart that it only took you five games to come to that conclusion. Or maybe you can point out how you were against the hire in the first place.

I am also reminded that this fan base was not exactly great WHEN NEBRASKA WAS WINNING.

So anyways, that is where I am at. If you currently are calling for the heads of coaches that are five games into their first season then we need to simply start ignoring you because your opinion going forward should be taken without merit.

I am aware that it is a small vocal minority on social media that are spouting this garbage but I just wanted to give my thoughts on that.

I’m not going to give two rips about their opinion going forward and they will probably do the same about mine.

The difference is that I actually want Nebraska to win football games.