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Wednesday Flakes Brings You A Cornhusker Rebuilding Year

Chill Nebraska, just chill.

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Michigan v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I’m sorry folks, but this is a rebuild year.

Yes, Nebraska’s been “sort of” rebuilding for the past 20 or so years now.

Each summer, regardless if there’s a new coach, we all sit around the campfire. Each person takes turns telling stories of how this year the Cornhuskers will be good. How, the players this year are the biggest, strongest, fastest and most athletic that we have seen in years.

We then pass around the pitcher of Kool-Aide. Freshly made from the Kool-Aide mines in Hastings, Nebraska.

We take big gulps.

The red juice stains our cheeks and dribbles down our chins. Staining our Husker t-shirts.

We do this until we are drunk with the belief that this team will do well and make us all proud.

Guess, what folks. It doesn’t work like that. It never has and never will.

We have a proven head coach with a proven staff who are basically living and 1 Memorial in Lincoln and putting everything they can into the program.

They have the money, support, and resources to quite possibly build something special. Something that has not happened at Memorial Stadium for a great many years.

But guess what? It takes time. None of this happens over night.

What we do have is a head coach who is visibly doing whatever he can to turn Nebraska into something that is sustainable in the long run.

It’s not going to happen in five games.

It’s probably not going to happen in twelve.

What is going on is something that will take time but should be sustainable. I think most of us would take that over a flash in the pan.

Is there any guarantee that coach Rhule will do all of this? Of course not. He is going though the motions to not only change the players physically but also mentally. Which can take much longer than anything. The culture of a locker room takes time to build and only seconds to tear down.

I think we can all agree the Nebraska locker room has been a place of question for quite some time.

I’m not saying Matt Rhule is going to change the world and start winning Nattys in his third year.

No coach wants to walk into a toxic situation. A strong and unified administration is key but so is a strong and unified fanbase.

Sure, you can go ahead and start screaming that this was a bad hire and he should be run through the streets. But what good will that really do?

My recommendation is to sit back and rationally take the season in. It’s a sport so that can be tough to do.

Go to the games. Turn on the TV. Cheer on the Huskers with the belief that next year could be the season that we see progress.

Is it easy? No, it’s not. But it is healthier than getting mad at every game and play that happens to go poorly. It’s also better than ragging online or taking your frustration out on your friends and loved ones.

Nebraska, it’s time to chill. Be a productive and positive fan. Not a negative one.

Oh yeah, don’t tweet at recruits and yell at the refs. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

(steps off of soapbox)

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