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Corn Nation Over Reaction: Winning in All Phases

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

I know what you’re thinking. How do you win in all phases of the game when the offense commits five turnovers?

A fifteen-play drive that lasted almost nine minutes and ended with points. Then just moments later, after a Tommi Hill interception, the quick attack from Haarberg to Lloyd to extend Nebraska’s lead to 14-0. Meanwhile, the Huskers rushed for 155 yards and a late Emmett Johnson touchdown to put the game away.

Defensively, what can you say about a unit that continually answers the call? From being put into bad situations early on to two Hill interceptions, a Quentin Newsome fumble recovery, and a blocked field goal attempt that led to Newsome’s touchdown return. Add another eight tackles for loss and the defense continues to do all it can to keep Nebraska winning.

This week on the show (a little later than usual, and we apologize for that), Greg and Hoss enjoy the fact that we’re riding a winning streak and one game away from bowl eligibility. Also, Hoss will be in East Lansing this weekend for the game that could get Nebraska bowling, so next week’s episode could be quite a celebration, even if it’s recorded on Monday night again.

Go Big Red.