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Monday Night Therapy: Purdue Recap, And Here Comes Sparty!

Michigan State v Minnesota Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Nebraska sits at 5-3. One more win to get a bowl bid - and the game this week is against the 2-6 Michigan State Spartans. Sparty is currently on a six-game losing streak, and things don’t look they’re going to get any better with Nebraska, Ohio State, Indiana and Penn State left on the schedule.

Our beloved Huskers just finished a win over Purdue; an ugly, ugly win, but a win nonetheless.

Todd and I discussed... well, honestly, not that much Michigan State talk.

We spent much of the time discussing:

  • Jeff Sims at quarterback
  • How the offense is doing under Marcus Satterfield
  • The fact that Bryce Benhart is doing very well because nobody ever talks about him
  • Iowa and Brian Ferentz and Kirk Ferentz
  • Michigan and their sign-stealing fiasco.

I also did this video yesterday:

I talked about Brian Ferentz not being brought back next year while I unboxed a bunch of fresh merchandise!