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Monday Night Therapy: Does Nebraska Know How To Win?

Stephen Bruce

We had a helluva show and I need to start doing these articles ahead of the show and not after them.

Todd and I did a review of the Michigan game, driven by our commenters questions. Both of us agreed it was an incredibly flat game. Fans left by the droves at halftime, largely because there was little to cheer for, and putting up with the sun was a nightmare.

I tried to make Todd guess statistics comparisons between Nebraska and Illinois. For example, what are the two teamed ranked nationally in turnover margin?

I bet you guessed Nebraska low and Illinois not as low. WRONG. Both teams are tied at 125th because both teams are turnover machines.

What about scoring offense? Nebraska is 122nd. Illinois, 105th. So, it’s not like they’re a scoring juggernaut.

I went on a long diatribe about comments I’ve seen where people think we should spend $450M on NIL instead of renovating the stadium. I’m not going to spew all the details here, listen to the podcast! Watch the Youtube video!

Then there’s the discussion about whether Nebraska knows how to win.