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Huskers Football Recap: Huskers 31 Purdue 14

The old 4th quarter bad magic reared its head…and then those young men shut the door. Hard.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska
Whoops, Purdue.
Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Game over and I don’t think anyone really expected it to play out the way it did.


Low scoring…dodgy injured offense…let’s try to win 17-11 or something?

No one came into this game expecting much in the way of offensive fireworks. Nebraska’s offense was like an East Lansing emergency room after a Michigan State big win in anything. Their defense had been excellent and despite Purdue’s Hudson Card arriving with danger warnings, his 7 TDs were very similar to Heinrich Haarberg’s five despite twice as many attempts.

Add in cold and windy weather and the Unders were looking enticing in what many believed would be a very close game.

What transpired was something else. After another horrifying start, an offense which was just supposed to sputter along followed a 15-play 87 yard drive with a 73-yard TD pass from Heinrich Haarberg to a mysteriously wide open Jaylen Lloyd for 73 yards and a TD.

They stretched it to 21-0 in the 3rd quarter with a 68-yard Quentin Newsome return of an Elijah Jeudy FG block. Given there were also two fumbled returns, special teams were just a game

The quarter got upsetting for a bit, but I’m not going to add to the recap below. The offense responded with a 48-yard steamrolling of a team whose defensive strategy included less than acceptable amount of targeting, conveniently ignored by a group of window-lickers known as B1G refs.

OK, I added a little. Enjoy the full recap.


  • I’m not sure how they decide who and who doesn’t go on these reports. I thought it was based on being done for the season? Are Singleton & Buford dressing?
  • @AdamCarriker94 sees a guns-up shootout happening today. If it was Purdue-Nebraska in 1935.
  • Now it’s deeply personal.
  • There’s been talk all week Marques Buford is full speed but nothing definite if he will be worked back in somewhat today.
  • The spread and the moneyline have both basically moved to even and the O/U has dropped to 39.
  • For those who didn’t catch this NU recruiting move at Logan-Magnolia High, it has paid off as consensus #94 overall recruit Grant Brix will be taking a visit in Lincoln today. The O-lineman is from Iowa so he’s used to this shit weather.
  • Kickoff should arrive with temps around 36 and winds blowing in from the north at 17-25 mph. Bosses, if you have peeps who seem like the type to go stadium-shirtless on days like these, be very skeptical when they call in sick Monday.
  • Attempting to listen to the game on radio through the Huskers app in one ear for something different. Let’s hope we never have to call in an air strike on that frequency. Dodgy is a diplomatic to describe it early on. Like Tom Cruise and that “earth bulge” stuff in Top Gum: Maverick. (Late edit - it did fix. I had to turn it off because plays were done before the snap on TV)
  • Stadium is actually pretty full to start.


  • And make it four straight horrible starts? Not yet - fumbled the return but got it back after every Boilermaker signalled it was theirs. But there’s a review.
  • This could be a new one - first ever overturn of a fumble recovery. It looked like he had it, but are we truly going to review fumble battles after the whistle? These guys go until the ref peels everyone off. Something tells me it’s gonna be a one-off against the Huskers thing.
  • And it is indeed four straight absolutely terrible game starts for the Huskers.
  • After some Purdue penalties and solid Blackshirts play, Purdue fails to capitalize after throwing incomplete in the end zone on 4th and 11.
  • So the first 2 plays are now a fumbled kickoff and a holding to kill an 8-yard gain on a swing pass.
  • Huskers forced to punt - Heinrich with a nice run but a Jayden Doss drop and HH sack end the 1st drive. Btw, Purdue has another Karlaftis.
  • Mockabee gains 16 but coughs it up. Fumbles are even. However, it’s 3 & out again although HH has a nice scramble for 5 after avoiding a sack.
  • Purdue may have found a seam just barreling off-tackle right, two straight solid gains. But they try again on 2nd down and come up short. But 5 yard slant for a first.
  • People who wagered the Unders are already smiling.
  • And we add a fumbled punt to our fumbled kickoff. We’re already missing Santino Kemp. Nebraska appears to recover, but Purdue may receive another B1G special dispensation for an almost early recovery.
  • And shockingly, they do not.
  • I was scared it was gonna be another 3 & out, but Haarberg is proving adept at the short out route catch & runs on 3rd down this season. Hits Josh Fleeks who takes off for 23.
  • On 3rd & 9, they pick up the blitz and Heinrich zips one to Doss for 16. Naturally, the butthurt Purdue defender won’t let him go, so a fight starts. The referee right there sees nothing wrong with it.
  • The Huskers give Purdue the finger as Fleeks burst for 16 more as the quarter ends.

First quarter summary: Three nice medium length gains at the end of the quarter give the Huskers a 65-58 yardage advantage. Two special teams fumbles are a concern. I had made fun of Billy Kemp being another Santino Panico on punt returns, but Bullock looked awful trying to corral that one in the wind. Haarberg was 2-3 for 39 and the other was a long drop on the money.


  • Another 3rd down quick out to Ty Han for 8 and a first
  • On 3rd & 6 inside the 10, Haarberg gets absolutely crushed running for the 1st down but pops up.
  • On 1st and goal on the 1, we run an indecisive QB keeper for no gain leading to yet another diatribe on my part about lining up in the shotgun on the fucking 1. We do it again and HH zings another sidearm out to the right which hits Fidone for a TD. Huskers 7 Purdue 0
  • It’s 15 plays 87 yards for the sixer and Heinrich looks like a different player this week.
  • And it’s Tommie Hill will a deep pick and 6 yard return which looked like 30.
  • It’s the freshman hour!! HH to Jalen Lloyd for 73 yards and a Husker TD! Huskers 14 Purdue 0.
  • Blackshirts force a 3 & out. God, I love typing that.
  • Alex Bullock draws a pass interference on another deep shot, 1st down. A reverse to Lloyd sooo close to breaking…but then speaking of breaking, our blocking disappears and Haarberg is sacked for 6. Good coverage by Purdue follows and the 59 yard punt zips into the end zone for net 39.
  • Purdue takes over and begins running successfully instead of the bombs away playcalling on the last drive.
  • We all know you can’t get through a Big 10 game without a bullshit late hit or targeting call. Reimer clearly had committed before Card was down, but we all know how these fools operate. Shed a tear for the senseless violence and wish Hudson Card a swift recovery.
  • Yeah, he’s fine.
  • However, tackling a guy 4 yards out of bounds on a punt return is apparently fine. Play on.
  • Haarberg keeps for 8, Purdue called for targeting. Despite the fact that the crown of the helmet was clearly lowered in to HH’s neck/head area, we all understand how this works. The rest of the mentally deficient crew explains to this newbie how the B1G works and the call is overturned.
  • Huskers call a timeout to run one up the middle and then let the clock run out at halftime.

Halftime summary: Although, I always thirst for more, hell of a second quarter. Blackshirted the shit out of it and the offense is definitely playing above expectations. I’m just gonna enjoy a damn drink at halftime.


  • Huskers start off the 3rd with a 3 & out.
  • OK, that was just awful. Haarberg just tried to crouch and protect the ball on a keeper and still got it stripped. Was just ugly.
  • We ask so much of these Blackshirts.
  • And Jimari Butler and MJ “Corn Dawg” Sherman combine for an 11-yard sack of Card.
  • And here comes the FG attempt…AND HUMMA LAMMMA GODDAMN SUMBITCHIN’ PISS FSHIT YAAAAHHHH!! It is blocked by Elijah Jeudy up in the air and Quentin Newsome grabs that piggy bastard and runs it back 68 yards for a Husker TD - while high-fiving Tommie Hill the last 10 yards. Probably get a talking to for that but I don’t care. WTSF is going on here?? Huskers 21 Purdue 0
  • Kydran Jenkins of Purdue gets launched about 4 yards trying to stop a safe run on 3rd & 17. Naturally, he has things to say down 21-0 and “stopping” Emmitt for 8.
  • I enjoyed the company of friends for a bit, but see the victory train starting to veer off the tracks, so time to pay attention again.
  • As the 4th quarter starts, a lot of things have gone wrong and laundry is flying at the Blackshirts.

3rd quarter summary: The Huskers tacked on another TD with a special teams firebomb. The rest of the quarter was pretty forgettable which is no problem when you’re up 21. However, the refs seem to be getting involved again


  • The 4th couldn’t start better as Luke Reimer stuffs 2022 Husker killer Devon Mackobee on 4th and 1.
  • Haarberg for 8 and Grant for 4 for the 1st down.
  • Can I give one more shoutout to Tony White? He’s gotta be giggling about his 2024 salary negotiations.
  • Remember when we were gettin’ worried about Tristan Alvano? Me neither. 55-yarder with the wind straight down the pipe and it’s - Huskers 24 Purdue 0
  • I’m not kidding when I say I’d be happy with a Northwestern type 4th quarter of 3-0. And I was very happy last week with that given our recent history. Very happy.
  • Purdue tries to get it going and we have a review on a completed pass which looks pretty simply dropped.
  • Overturned - 4th down.
  • I very much want this thing for the Blackshirts of which I dare not speak. Seriously. I’m treating it like a no-hitter.
  • Haarberg gets smoked for looking the wrong way - BUT IN WHAT UNIVERSE IS THAT NOT TARGETING???? HOLY SHIT!!
  • I’m being questioned, so I’ll try to find another replay but that looked like helmet on chin. (Reviewed - tummy shots don’t snap a head back.) And I’m not happy about running him the next play. Felt like begging for a fumble.
  • Shutout gone. We’re up 24-7 and I want commit random acts of violence. But not on our basketball teams. Huskers 24 Purdue 7
  • Looking more like a head shot when he sits out the next series. Here comes Sims.
  • omg
  • For those of you playing at home? I lost my shit on the 4th & 6 offsides because I knew we would be too stupid to punt again. No let’s do something dangerous on 4th & 1 with a TO prone QB who probably needs 1-3 more weeks to truly recover. Two series in a row where key plays called were not fair to the QB. Huskers 24 Purdue 14
  • So much for that Northwestern 4th quarter. We’re officially in danger of loading our least favorite movie.
  • And might be stuck with this because Chubba has a concussion.
  • And Purdue tries an onside kick with the confidence of a team who knows they’re getting the ball back sooner rather then later. OK, Haarberg trotting out. Don’t know how much he can do, but it can’t be worse.
  • But at least with Haarberg, maybe we can safely hand it off.
  • Will we ever get to enjoy a 4th quarter with a lead again?
  • We go Emmitt-Emmitt-Emmitt for a 1st down. I’ll say this - the patchwork line hasn’t been an issue, at least in a broad viewing. Especially compared to other things.
  • Emmitt Johnson bursts 28 yards for Husker TD! After the previous crap, the Huskers settling down, just lining up and running them over the Boilers was beautiful. Nebraska 31 Purdue 14
  • The Boilers did some shady shit after the TD but TV wouldn’t show it - personal foul. We’ll assume it was correct.
  • And Purdue, drunk the confidence of playing dirty all day and not being held to task for it, targets yet again with a blow-up block. Old guys complain, but this has been illegal for years now. Someone on the B1G crew messes up and throws the flag for targeting on yet another clear crown shot to the head.
  • Overturned? You bet.
  • Tommie Hill with his 2nd pick of the day takes a knee for the exclamation . (Insert Purdue insult here.)
  • This one is over even with time left. Hopefully, all of the “non-targetings” don’t result in concussion protocols for anyone.

4th quarter summary: Can’t lie, it began to turn into another shit-show, but the Huskers recover from a couple of Purdue quick scores to bulldoze their way to a game-sealing TD.

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