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YIKES! Texas RB Kewan Lacy Decommits From Nebraska!

A major blow to our 2024 recruiting class!

Child Photo by: Rahul Sharma/ INDIAPICTURE/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

If you don’t know, now you know! in my Biggie voice

Yesterday, Texas tailback Kewan Lacy decommitted from the Nebraska Cornhuskers! The 6’0” 205 Lancaster High product had been committed to Nebraska since June after officially visiting Lincoln.

Kewan was recently offered by both the Florida Gators & the Alabama Nick Sabans. UF currently has its 3rd highest recruiting class of ALL TIME, and they are trying to add Lacy to that class. Billy Napier chose Graham Mertz to be his starting QB. No matter what they recruit, you will NEVER be a perennial contender when your leader is making such asinine decisions. Lacy would be a fool, in my personal opinion, to attend the Gainesville Correctional Institute.

Now, Alabama is a school that has reared its greedy head in Lacy’s direction recently. Crimson Tide running backs coach Robert Gillespie made a trip to Texas to see Lacy play in person. That little weasel took his research findings back to Methcaloosa & Master Splinter aka Nicholas Saban thenceforth decided to make Kewan Lacy a priority. The Tide lost out on 4 star Tuscaloosa back Kevin Riley to the Miami Hurricanes. They have looked miserable all year & Saban’s forlorn look of contempt warms my heart every single time.

I understand our offense has looked very uninspiring this year, so I cannot fault offensive recruits for keeping their options open, but Kewan will learn the lesson soon that the grass ain’t always greener. This loss hurts, but running backs are at such a ubiquity that we can easily find a productive plan B option. It’s time for EJ Barthel to earn his keep.