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Why Have There Been So Many Nebraska Football Injuries?

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

On the Five Heart Podcast this week, Jon and Greg are talking about the scourge of injuries that has hit Nebraska’s beloved football team.

Nebraska has lost:

- Their top two running backs

- Their top four receivers

- 83 offensive linemen

- Numerous defensive players


Some theories that have been tossed around include the physicality in practice. Greg had the thought of tying in some of the complaints being levied in the NFL that maybe grass is better than turf. But would replacing the RealTurf even be feasible in Lincoln?

The show gets started with some conversation about music, including the group’s first albums. Jon claims we have too much “off-season chatter” for a 4-3 team looking to become bowl-eligible for the first time since the Obama Administration, while also stating that there isn’t enough buzz around the football team.

Apparently Purdue Head Coach “hates the color red, hates the letter N, and hated Sesame Street.” All because he played at Colorado fifteen years ago. Boo hoo. But you don’t hear Matt Rhule saying anything to the press about how “it’s personal.” And that just indicates a higher level of maturity than that coach over there (Colorado).

Predictions were overwhelmingly for Nebraska winning on a day that is likely to include inclement weather. Even with the decimated offense, the defense is strong. The defensive line is playing at a high level and getting plenty of help from the rest of the unit.

And along the way, we make Jon super uncomfortable!