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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Purdue

The Huskers are starting a streak this week.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Woohoo! Another win!

It may not have been pretty but the Huskers managed to pull off a win last week and they now have a winning record.

It’s been quite the Wintober (see what I did there?) and Nebraska is going to round out the month with another win and the start of a solid winning streak.

These are your reasons why:


This has really been the reason that the Huskers have seen success in their four wins this season. The Nebraska rush defense has been solid all season long and I expect no less from them on Saturday. The Huskers are allowing an average of 77 rushing yards a game and are 4th in the nation for their rushing defense.

Opposing offenses haven’t had much of a chance to break off big runs and we won’t see much different on Saturday. While Purdue has a potent offense, their rushing offense is not as strong and the Husker defense will prove to be too much.


We haven’t seen a lot of big specials teams plays in quite some time. That changes this week. The Husker special teams is going to make a big play this weekend. Look for a blocked punt that gets returned. Nebraska was close a few time next week and tomorrow is going to be the day for that.


The Husker pass offense has been less than stellar this year, but the Belly G Option pass that we saw last weekend was beautiful and it gave Malachi Coleman his first taste of success with his first touchdown.

I expect to see more of that pass this week as Purdue has the worst passing defense in the B1G. I won’t mind seeing more of this on Saturday:


It’s going to be a cold day in Lincoln on Saturday with highs looking to be in the upper 30s. There is also a slight chance of rain or snow. Weather conditions like this make it harder for teams to pass which would really be ideal for Nebraska.

The weather is going to pull through and make conditions perfect for a Husker win.


The Huskers are pushing for their third win in a row. This would also give Nebraska a three-game win streak against Purdue.

This win will also give Nebraska win number 5, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since 2019.

Husker fans need another win and it’s happening this week.

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