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Monday Night Therapy: Nebraska’s Incredible Weekend, Quarterback Issues And Injuries Plague Our Beloved Huskers

Football, Volleyball, and Soccer pick up great big wins!

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nebraska football beat Northwestern. It was ugly, but that’s a thing we should accept as beautiful in itself.

Someone made a comment that we lost ugly for years, and now instead of losing, we’re winning ugly.

I don’t know why we would think we’d just jump from losing ugly to winning beautifully, when winning ugly is the next natural step towards greatness.

Nebraska volleyball beat Wisconsin. Our beloved Huskers took the first set, then got bludgeoned by Wisconsin’s block in the second. We then lost the third, and I honestly thought the match was over.

Silly me. Our volleyballers have a helluva lot of resilience. It was beautiful, the win. Merrit Beason flying from the back row is some of the best ballet I’ve ever seen.

Nebraska soccer became Big Ten Co-Champs. #2 seed Nebraska will face the #7 seed Ohio State on Sunday, Oct. 29 at Hibner Stadium. Maybe get out there and support them?

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