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October 13, 1923: Nebraska Destroys Oklahoma 24-0 in first game at Memorial Stadium.

Our beloved Huskers wore blue. That’s kinda weird.

Nebraska football history video!!!!

This is about the first game ever played at Nebraska’s new Memorial Stadium on October 13, 1923:

Chat GPT Summary of Transcript:

On October 13, 1923, the Nebraska Cornhuskers played their first game in Memorial Stadium against the Oklahoma Sooners. This game was the fifth in their series, with Nebraska previously having the upper hand.

The rivalry began in 1912, and Nebraska had secured wins in 1912, 1921, and 1922, with a tie in 1919. The Cornhuskers played in blue uniforms in 1923 to distinguish themselves from the Sooners, as both teams typically wore red.

Nebraska won the 1923 game with a score of 24-0, with notable moments including Dave Noble’s touchdown and Doug Myers’ 93-yard scoop and score. The game saw Nebraska dominate with 350 yards rushing.

Memorial Stadium was later officially dedicated during a game against Kansas.

The narrative emphasizes Nebraska football’s rich history, predating the era of Bob Devaney in 1962, which many fans consider the beginning of their notable history.

The content is presented by Jon Johnston of Corn Nation, who plans to create more college football history videos. He encourages sharing the information and expresses gratitude for the support.