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Nebraska Football: Players of The Game - Northwestern

The defense played their hindquarters off!

“Cat Town” in Turkiye’s Kayseri Photo by Sercan Kucuksahin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Let’s get right to it!

Nash Hutmacher

You should have already known that Nash Hutmacher would’ve been my first selection!

Nash has become EVERY BIT of the player I thought he’d be when we recruited him out of South Dakota in the class of 2020. The last staff was amateur hour, but under a new staff, new life was breathed into Hutmacher’s lungs & he is one of the nation’s premier defensive tackles & a potential NFL Draft selection. You love to see his growth & development. Northwestern had no answers.

Malachi Coleman/James Williams (tie)

Malachi made a SPLASH in his first start as a Husker! This 44 yard touchdown was hopefully the first in a long list of many! With further development & hard work, there is literally no reason why Malachi can’t become one of the best receivers in the conference. He has the exact same athletic profile as Calvin Johnson, he just has to put it all together. The sky is the limit! Malachi, if you’re reading this, please unblock me on Twitter. Thanks. :)

Now, onto James Williams! This kid came from Iowa Central Community College & was found by the staff at a JUCO/transfer portal camp they hosted in June. Nebraska fans had never even heard of this kid until Saturday’s game. He immediately made his name known with his clutch sack! A first glance at James shows he is still a bit wiry and will need some more nutrition & strength training. Sensei Rhule said that James would be redshirting this year, so I am excited to see what he can do with his remaining three games!

Thanks for reading! As always, Go Big Red!